What To Pair With Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most sought after white wines of all time. Being highly diverse, it goes well with absolutely any dish. From delicious sea-food to citrusy delights, you can try them all with this unique spirit. It possesses the potential to transform your boring meals into an occasion within a few minutes. 

Despite being amongst the topmost wines out there where people make the mistake of pairing their food with Sauvignon is with the style they go for. It is not the mismatch of the flavors but the environment or seasons in which you are eating that can completely change the experience of eating with a delicious wine. Here is a quick guide that will help you pair your Sauvignon Blanc in tropical and cold climates.

For the Cold Climates:

Wintery night calls for savory meals, and when you couple these meals with pleasant wine, the experience becomes unmatchable. The thing that makes Sauvignon Blanc perfect for consuming in winters is its oaky flavor that goes so much well with bulky or meaty food on your plate. Here are a few combinations of food and Sauvignon to try on a winter night.     

Go Citrusy For The Christmas Dinner

Here’s another style of food that works best with a glass of crispy Du Toitskloof Sauvignon Blanc. If you’re a fan of the citrus meals, make sure to couple them up with this wine. You can try out some oily and grilled fish like mackerel and garlic-filled prawns. Along with this, there are other items like fish and chips that transform the taste of the spirit. When not in the mood for something crunchy, try out the citrusy chargrilled squids. For starters, settle with some fried fish like goujons and baits. Overall, make sure to keep the citrus flavor lively with these food items.

Oaky Delights On Chilly Winter Nights


You must have heard of the oaky preparation of good quality wines. You can add to the taste by increasing the oaky flavour of the spirit. Just grab a few foodstuffs that are rich in such ingredients. From crispy white meats to delicious veal, you can try absolutely any dish. Mix them well with a creamy sauce and add a few veggies into it. Make sure to choose leafy vegetables like asparagus or peas. They help in creating the creamy taste that further leads to oaky feels.

Salmons, fried fish, and chips also go well with your favourite Sauvignon Blanc. So, grab your oak-filled Christmas dinner right away.

Get Some Kabobs For Christmas Evening


If you’re a fan of the mixed non-veg dishes, kabobs can be your best friend. Enriched with high quantities of protein and other nutrients, these are the best wine pairings. Just grab a few prawns, fish and scallops. Further, cook lightly and prepare kabobs out of these. Sprinkle some lime juice and olive oil above the preparation to enhance the taste. You can also add some peppers and spices to make it wine-worthy. Overall, this dish works best with white wines namely sauvignon blanc.

For the Tropicals:

Cheese and a little green are all that you need on your plates for tropical climates. Having this tendency to blend with almost all kinds of food, makes Sauvignon Blanc worth of some space in your glasses. A tropical climate is always perfect for sea-food, and the fruity flavors of Sauvignon go very well with them.      

Go Minerally With Seafood & Veggies


Wine is something that you can pair up with any foodstuff, be it tropical or cold climate style. As far as the tropical style is concerned, there’s no better combination than delicious seafood. From light and crispy shellfish to crunchy prawns, you can try absolutely anything. Along with the lightly cooked meals, you must couple the white wine with some heavily cooked delicacies. One such food item is grilled fish like the sea bass. Not only does it provide some crisp flavour, but it also enhances the taste of your wine. Another amazing wine which is well-suited for the minerally dishes is the Barbera. If you’re not a fan of the Sauvignon variety, do try this one for an ecstatic dinner.

When it comes to mineral-ish meals, don’t forget to try out the veggies. Salad filled with rich vegetables and some good quality goat cheese also tastes superb with this.

Tropical Veggies & Cheese Compilation


What truly enhances the taste of your premium wine is a combination of assorted vegetables topped up with some delicious cheese. Add up a few tomatoes, olives and avocados to create a healthy and alcohol-worthy salad. Top it with some cheese and enjoy your healthy dinner with some sparkling red wine. When bored of the mundane veggies, go for the rich herbs like Boursin. You can also consider the artichokes as they’re full of nutrients and make a good wine pair. Enjoy the garlicky flavours of Sauvignon Blanc on your favourite party nights.

Grassy Meals Coupled Up With Booze

If you love grassy salads, then you must pair them up with Land’s End Sauvignon Blanc. Not only will it make your dinner nights worthwhile, but it also adds a bit of fun to it. All you need to do is grab some leafy vegetables like asparagus, green peppers, and spinach. Add some spices that work well with the same. Also, you can enhance the flavors by mixing a few minerally ingredients. From spicy chilies to mouth-watering corianders, experiment with all the items. That way, you will easily figure out what you like the most. 

White Wine With Delicious Tropical Halibut

As far as the tropical pairings are concerned, there are innumerable options available. However, one amazing option to try is the tropical halibut made out of pistachio crust. All you need is some white fish, olive oil and mango sauce to create this delicacy. After preparing the crust, you need to heat the oiled pan. Further, add the fish coated with the crust and cook it for a few minutes. In the end, top-up the halibut with mouth-watering mango sauce. Get a glass full of sauvignon blanc and enjoy your meal. Along with the holidays, this meal suits the best for days when you don’t feel like cooking much.

Bottom Line

One drool-worthy wine for your supper evenings is the Sauvignon blanc. What makes it highly suitable for all seasons is its diversity. You can pair both tropical as well as cold climate food items with this wine. Also, it can act as the best stress buster with a taste that’s delightful for your buds.