What to Look for When Choosing a Modern Smartphone?

The smartphone market today is full of different models and each manufacturer is ready to compete by releasing mobile devices with an increased number of functions. New models appear every year and this makes it even more difficult to choose the right smartphone from a huge variety of new products.

The price of new gadgets is quite high, so before deciding on such a purchase, you should carefully study the specifications of the models you like, compare their performance and built-in functions in order to buy what you really need.

Next, we will briefly review the main parameters that should be considered when choosing a modern smartphone.

1. Smartphone manufacturer

Usually, experienced users start choosing a smartphone with a brand, as they already know what they want to get and what can be expected from a particular manufacturer.

First of all, we recommend limiting the choice to the most popular brands like Honor 50, as there are fewer problems with them both in terms of use and in terms of service.

If you love cool tech stuff like curved screens, drawing with a stylus, responding to the user’s eyes, splitting the screen between apps, then this is Samsung at the forefront of innovation in mobile technology.

2. Screen size and quality

The next important parameter that you should immediately decide on is the screen diagonal. If you need a smartphone, on the screen of which everything will be clearly visible and at the same time, so that it is convenient to use it with one hand, then do not be foolish and take the most popular 5″ size today.

For passionate gamers, you can consider models with a diagonal of 5.5″ or more. But keep in mind that in everyday use you will suffer, for any you need a second hand. So don’t overestimate your craving for games.

As for web surfing, then of course the more the better. But I assure you that an extra half inch will not solve anything, everything will be just as small. To fully use sites on the Internet, you need a separate 10-inch tablet. And you can read the news on a 5-inch display.

3. Processor and memory

The speed of the processor determines how quickly your smartphone will perform the tasks assigned to it and how it will cope with multitasking, i.e., simultaneous processing of requests from several applications, which is typical for modern devices.

The most powerful smartphones are equipped with top Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm. Samsung also equips its flagship smartphones with its own powerful Exynos processors.

But some manufacturers (for example, Huawei) also use rather powerful Helio series processors from the cheaper manufacturer MediaTek (MTK) in their flagships.

4. Camera quality

Many people have become accustomed to using their smartphone for taking photos and videos. The quality of the camera greatly depends on how good the footage will be. I want to say right away – do not chase megapixels, more is not always better. The main thing is the camera manufacturer and lens aperture.

The best cameras are made by Sony, they are installed in all top smartphones, but they are also in the middle class. If you have such a smartphone, then the high quality of the photo is almost guaranteed.

5. Sound quality

Sound quality is also of great importance to many. But here everything is much simpler. Most smartphones have mediocre sound quality in the built-in speakers and quite acceptable in the headphones. In general, it is more and more dependent on the headphones.

There are, of course, special music smartphones with powerful high-quality speakers, separate hardware codecs and amplifiers. But this is exotic, designed for music lovers.

If you want to get better sound, read reviews and reviews, or even better, go to the store and listen to it yourself, since sound is a very subjective matter. Someone likes one thing, someone else. So, everyone chooses accordingly.

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