What to look for when buying a sugarcane juice machine

A sugarcane juice machine is a tool that is used to extract sugarcane juice. The juice is extracted when the sugarcane is passed through the rollers in the machine. The sugarcane is pressed against the rollers and its juice comes out and it is collected. These machines are either electric or dual and are made of stainless steel which does not corrode.

People have been venturing into various businesses which seem to be profitable and less competitive to them. Among them, there are those who have decided to venture into fresh fruit juice manufacturing. They extract juice from plants such as sugarcane and make soft drinks out of them. To extract juice manually from a sugarcane in large quantities can be tiresome hence the need for a machine to make work easier.

The following are the features you should look for when purchasing one.


The model should suit your preference. You can either choose to buy a manual or an electric one. This can be due to factors such as the availability of human labor or the availability of electric power in your working place. The model should also be made out of corrosion-free stainless steel to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained during the extraction. It should also be easy to clean all the parts, especially the ones that come into contact with the sugarcane for hygiene purposes.


It should be easy to move from one place to another within the juice extraction centre as need may arise. It should be able to fit in a small space so as to save space for other operations. This can be achieved by, ensuring that the machine is mounted on wheels and has the required number of rollers for your production depending on your scale. This is because the number of rollers is the ones that greatly determine the size of the machine.


The machine should be simple to operate. It should not give you a hard time learning how to operate it. It should be able to run for the number of hours that you are working . Therefore, you should consider the number of hours the machine can run in a day. You should also consider the amount of sugarcane the machine can extract in a day. This will help you to know which machine actually fits your job and where to buy sugarcane juice machine in Kenya.


It should be designed so that it is very easy for the juice and the residue to separate. The residue should not clog the machine as this can give you the extra work of switching off the machine to remove the residue. This can greatly interfere with your operation and wastage of time during work. It should be durable to ensure that you save on costs of going to the shop and buying the same machine or even repair parts within a very short time of working. 


This article discusses what should be considered when purchasing a sugarcane machine. It can be of great help for your reference.


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)