What To Look For In Outdoor Foosball Tables When Buying?

If you want to buy Outdoor foosball tables, you need to take a moment and familiarize yourself with the features to look for in a brand new table. As you will read here below, features vary and the cost of the table is what determines if you are getting cheap features and components or the high-end ones. We recommend you to determine which of the following features are important to you and buy it accordingly.

01- Size-

If you would like to have a standard full-size table, you need one which is 56” long and 30” wide. Remember that width doesn’t include extended rods. If shopping in a narrow space or tight space in your home, you can go with the width with extended rods. On average it is recommended to have space of 7 feet by 8 feet for the foosball table.

02- Goalie configuration-

A thing that you will instantly observe is when you compare the foosball table is that some are single-man goalies while some of them are three-man goalies. When coming to the goalies, which one is the right is a matter of preference. To get the fast-paced game, you can go with the three-man goalies’ table. If you want a game that calls for more skills and precision, you can then go with a single-man goalie. If you are attempting building skills, know that a single-man goalie table will help become good gamers. It is suggested a three-man goalie setup for newer and kids.

Remember that many high-end tables with a three-man goalie setup can be altered to a one-man goalie.

03- Table levelers-

Doesn’t matter whether you want Outdoor foosball tables or for inner, you must choose one that is having levelers. Just think if you have a table leans, then whoso is not on the leaning side is having the advantage every single play. Different levelers are there that can be encountered but all of them work towards the same basic role. When you compare the tables, remember that you must look for one that is having levelers to let the gameplay light.

04- Construction-

As you shop, you will observe that the table varies when coming to what materials are used for its construction. You may see particle board, composite and solid wood.

Some of the excellent quality of Outdoor foosball table models is made using solid wood and the low quality with the particleboard. Composite falls between those and it has the minimal advantage over solid wood. With solid wood tables, wood is subject to dampness that can cause some warping if you stay in a moist atmosphere or if keep the foosball table inside a moist room. Well, composite isn’t affected by moisture. It won’t wrap and is durable as at least it is an inch thick. Particleboard is a cheap material that easily breakdown. If you buy a particle board table over time you will find it of no use. Therefore it is good to avoid tables made using particleboard.

Summing up-

Consider looking at all these things and make sure to buy the most excellent Outdoor foosball tables.