What to look for in an Indian Restaurant

The very first thing to understand, before you order off a menu or search for ‘take out restaurants near me’ is what you want and also expect from your trip to an Indian Restaurant. Take all of this into good consideration. Most of the dishes you see on an Indian menu will have their own unique names. Dishes like butter chicken, palak paneer, dal, and chana masala are all staples and they are most common wherever you choose to eat out. They are likely to be seen all of the UK – in any town or city.

Indian food has a much larger variety of vegetarian and vegan options than most other cuisines. It can be a dream come true for any vegan or vegetarian. You can also say it is also a very interesting type of food for you to go out and east also. There are no end of options. It is a culinary adventure in no end of ways and the best bit too is just how accommodating Indian Restaurants tend to be too.

Be clear on how much spice you can tolerate

Indian food can be spicy, but not all Indian dishes are spicy. If you’re not fond of spicy things, pay close attention to the heat legends. Indian menus would usually put legends indicating the heat level of a dish to help you navigate away from your version of hellfire. It’s also important to address that consuming incredibly spicy food doesn’t equate to your self-worth. Eating extremely spicy food is not a testament to how strong you are. If you love spice, go for it.

Don’t eat something too spicy

But if you’re weak to spice, don’t hurt yourself to prove a useless point. For people who like spicy food or not, try the Tandoori King Prawns. They have the perfect amount of spice to make your tastebuds happy. For spice fiends who like their food extra, extra hot, try the Naga Chicken and get the Mango Lassi on standby.

Sharing is caring

Most restaurants serve one plate per person. That’s not the norm for Indian restaurants because Indian cuisine is best-eaten family-style. In India, most families order many dishes for the table, and each person takes a little of each dish and puts it on their plate. Expect sharing-sized food portions when you order. If you want to sample Indian cuisine, bring a few friends along with you.

Consider ordering a Thali

Eating with people is a fun way to enjoy a meal. But ordering Classic Thali as a takeaway and eating it for the next few days sounds good too. You can be sure to get and have one of these no matter where you east out in the UK. All Indian Restaurants tend to have a Thali on their menu. The same too can be said also of most takeaways.

Overall – what to take into consideration too

Indian food is joyful to eat. It helps people connect with others while opening a new world of flavour. Don’t be afraid to explore and share it. If you need a little help, you can always ask the restaurant staff. Ask them about the restaurant’s speciality and their recommendations, then start there. We are in a day and age now where there are no end of great review websites to have a good look at if you are trying to get a best idea of where to eat at. Put simply, just make sure you do your research.