What to Know Before Moving to Seattle?

Seattle is a unique city. Its natural splendor is situated between the Olympic mountain ranges and Cascade. Moreover, Puget Sound and Lake Washington, make the city a “package of natural beauty.” 

However, there are a few things that you need know before moving to Seattle. For instance, the summers of Seattle are the best in the world, the city doesn’t have any income tax, it’s not as expensive as San Francisco, and many more. 

So, we have gone through hundreds of facts and shortlisted the most important ones so that you are well-equipped with information and facts before moving to Seattle

What do You Need to Know Before Moving to Seattle? 

Here in this section, you’ll know all the significant facts that would help you to have a clear idea about Seattle. 

  1. You Don’t Need to Pay Income Tax

Yes, there’s no law regarding the payment of income tax in the state of Washington. However, you might require to pay the local taxes as Seattle’s overall sales tax is pretty high.

  1. The Summers are the Best 

Seattle has one of the most amazing summers in the world. They are pretty dry and warm with no humidity and a lot of sunshine.  However, these summer times are too short and it would appear that these amazing times have ended early. 

  1. Seattle Lifestyle is Not as Expensive as San Francisco

The living cost of Seattle is comparatively less than any other West Coast. However, it’s comparatively lower that other cities, but it’s not cheap either. As the population of the city is rising high, so are the expenses. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a home there are chances to face competition. 

  1.  Don’t Rely Living in Houseboats

So many Americans have the impression that Seattle is the city of houseboats. However, that’s not the exact story. Houseboats in Seattle are getting rare and most importantly these houses are pretty small and simple and the costs are way too high. 

  1. The Liquor is Quite Expensive

Compared to any other cities, Seattle has the most expensive liquor. So, if you have a habit of having a chilled drink then you must be ready to pay out for some expensive liquor. 

  1. Pot is Legal

Yes, it’s true. Marijuana is legal and you can easily smoke in Seattle. However, there’s a clause that is you can’t smoke in public. So, if you want to enjoy your time, then make sure to do it in your place or your friend’s. 

  1. You’ll See More Men than Women

As Seattle’s tech workforce is growing day by day, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you see the city filled with men compared to women. According to Seattle’s population stats, you’ll see about a 130 single men for every 100 women. 

  1. Traffic is a Headache

If you are planning for a drive between 4pm to 7pm, then you need to keep an extra 30 to even 60 minutes on hand to reach your destination. The rush hour of Seattle is too intense, so if you want to go somewhere in time make sure you keep at least an extra half-an-hour on your watch. 

  1. Public Transportation is Alright

If you don’t own a private transportation, then Seattle’s public transportation can take you anywhere you want. The buses are pretty regular, however they might not be as regular as during night. Moreover, the buses are also the main cause of the city gridlock, so keep that in mind as well. 

The good news is the city is regularly improving their transportation system. So, somewhere near the future you would get to see a better transportation system. 

  1. An Ideal City for Neighborhood

There are many districts and cultures available in this city. Each of one of these have their own cultures and neighborhoods. You’ll find independent personalities, shops, and cafes in each neighborhood. So, all you have to do is roam around and see which neighborhood suits you best. 

  1. The City of Hills

So, if you have finally moved to Seattle and you want to go for some walking in downtown, then make sure to wear your tracking shoes, as the entire city is covered with extreme steepy hills and be prepared to do some serious climbing. 

  1. Discovery Park is the Best Hiking Option

One of the significant attractions of this city is you don’t need to go to the mountains to do hiking. The Discovery Park here can give you the best hiking experience. This park has a 534-acre of absolute wilderness that can you the best hiking experience of all times. So, if you are living in Seattle then do bring out some time to go for Discovery Park hiking. 

Bottom Line

Seattle is a city of wonders, however, there are things that you need to inspect before you can actually enjoy these wonders. So, if you are planning to move to Seattle then you’ll definitely love the place as it’s surrounded by friendly communities and beautiful nature and that too at a comparatively less price than other cities in the US. 


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