What to know before buying a forklift attachment

When you are buying a forklift attachment you will have to get to know of a few things. In this small post we are here to find out about some of the features that you must know about a forklift attachment.

Let’s begin right away…

Weight bearing capacity

Of course one of the most important things to check out on is the weight bearing capacity of the forklift attachment. You must need to find out the maximum weight it can carry. It is only due to this that you will be able to carry specific equipment and load items on top of it.

Type of forklift attachment

There are various forklift attachments available in the industry. For example some of the most common types of forklift attachments include rotating forklift attachments, jib attachments, hook attachments, paper clamp attachments, drum clamp attachments, bale clamp attachments, bucket attachments, sweeper type forklift attachments, load stabilizer attachment, carton clamp attachment, push and pull forklift attachment, and so on.

Check out what type of load material you need to carry and then find which one of these attachments can serve your purpose the best.

Whether the attachment can be rotated along with the load

One of the critical components while buying any type of forklift attachments is whether they can be rotated. For example this is one common function that you will find across several forklift attachments Sydney such as paper clamp attachments, bucket attachments, load stabilizer attachment, carton clamp attachment.

Lifting height

Consider checking out the maximum lifting height of the mast. This is an essential factor. The height can generally vary depending on the task or function that is to be carried out. You may need to buy the electrical forklift attachments where the mast height can be electronically controlled with the help of buttons.

Whether they clamps can be installed and demounted

Sometimes you can come across forklift attachments where you can install various types of clamps. Of course these are the multipurpose use items and the same lifting equipment can be used for lifting various types of loads. In case if you need to lift a bucket then you can install the bucket holding clamps, for paper you can use the paper clamp attachment. For suspending you can install the hook or jab attachments, for handling crates you can install crate clamps and so on. Your options are endless and this certainly brings in cost savings factor as well.