What to know about Search Marketing

Search Marketing

The process of gaining traffic from search engines through any method i.e. through paid and unpaid methods is Search Marketing.

Search Marketing includes:

SEO: Search Marketing through SEO is earning traffic through unpaid or free methods.

SEM: Buying traffic through paid search listings.

SEM & Paid Search Marketing

SEM Library Archives is a set of program that gives a set of all stories that are written on the subject of SEM.

PPC (Paid Search Marketing)

Paid search offers a way higher level of control involving the searcher’s ability to seek out the website on the SERPs. The paid search advertisers tell Google those search terms which they need in their ads. Google then shows their ads and takes money from them when someone clicks on their advertisement and direct them to their website. It is all done through pay per click. Advertisers don’t pay to point out ads for keywords, but they are doing pay when searchers click on them; the quantity you pay is named cost-per-click.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As we have discussed above, SEO is the method of gaining traffic via paid or unpaid efforts. The ads that appear on the SERPS that are unpaid are referred to as organic results.

Search engines like Google find organic listings by crawling the web with spiders that review the text on websites, PDFs, documents, and other content. Google also considers the info in your website’s ASCII text file called meta tags, and whether other sites are linking on to your website. For Google, the goal is usually to supply the simplest results possible, so, if people aren’t clicking on your site from the SERP or if they’re determined to possess a nasty experience, Google will update its algorithms to specialise in higher-quality.

How does Paid Search work?

Advertisers first got to create a Google AdWords account or a Bing account). Then they’ll go to decide which sorts of search terms they need their ads to point out for by creating keywords. Each keyword features a max CPC assigned thereto, which is set by the advertiser

This enables advertisers to bid higher on keywords which will be worth more to them. A group of keywords must be grouped to direct the user to a selected advertisement and landing page. Google auctions off ad space to the advertisers within the Google AdWords auction. During the auction, Google ranks advertisers based off of their ad rank, which is decided by their bids and their quality scores.

Each auction is different so for one search, an advertiser might be in position one on the SERPS and another search the advertiser could fall to position three or four, so as to know how ad position on the SERPS is decided, it’s important to realize a radical understanding of how the Google AdWords auction works.

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