What To Know About Mink Eyelashes?

Women of all ages are just crazy about Mink Eyelashes style and are found to spend a fortune to enhance their beauty. It is for this reason, there are several industries that manufacture products exclusively for women. As a matter of fact, the global beauty industry turnover is worth billions of dollars and more companies are being launched to benefit from the growing demand. Women never seem to get satisfied with what is currently available in the market thus prompting new entrants to explore new avenues and launch interesting products. One such product that is in huge demand is 25mm mink lashes.

Why choose Mink Eyelashes?

These are natural looking false eye lashes that are luxurious and expensive when compared to the synthetic types. They are offered as lash extensions, but are found typically as strip lashes. You can apply them whenever desired or while going to any party.

History of false eyelashes

They are available to the public since 1916. It was D. W. Griffith who had requested a wig maker to weave human hair using a gauze. Then he used it on the famous actress Seena Owen for the movie ÔÇśIntoleranceÔÇÖ. He glued it to her eyeline. It was until the 60s that people took notice of this change as it came to fashion and was constructed using synthetic substances. On the other hand, mink eyelashes are quite new and being expensive were limited to celebrities and the rich alike, especially those who did not desire permanent implants. Presently, you can come across wholesale eyelashes at reputed portals and buy one without having to shelve a fortune.

What are Mink eyelashes made from?

These are natural looking eyelashes created from carefully chosen fur hairs of a live mink animal. It is brushed by hand and not subjected to any kind of dye or chemical, thereby retaining its rich velvety appearance. It is for this reason, this product is a hot favourite among A-list celebrities across the globe.  You can find top quality false eye lashes at portals like https://www.missangellashes.com/!

How to take care of it?

You should take proper care of your mink lashes, since they are sensitive to damage and are expensive. Treat them similar to a mink coat. Remove it immediately after usage and do not even think of sleeping in them or bring it close to water. When taking it out, maintain extreme caution and store properly in a safe place if not required presently. They are designed to last for about 25 applications.

A reasonable set is well priced and is available in complete strips, small clusters or bejewelled. For lash extensions, you can also derive individual lashes. But professional application is desired.  In case, you come across cheap ones, make sure be to carry out proper research and go through the reviews before you make the final decision to purchase. Click here to find authentic reviews to help base your decision. Always choose superior quality strip lashes made from 100 percent natural mink fur.