What to keep in mind when buying diamond necklaces?

The diamond comes with glamour and it has some magnificent cuts which can give that excellent sparkle to the stone. In market one can see different varieties of diamond jewellery and one must go to an authentic jeweller if they want to buy one.

Diamonds can be of various sizes and the ones which are found in the mines of South Africa are said to be the largest. And the larger the size of the diamonds, the more expensive it is. Some diamond jewelleries are also known as solitaires and they are very expensive and priced possession for one.

Diamond varieties also range from cut ones to uncut ones. The uncut diamonds are said to have subtle glow and they also have a toned down brilliance. They can be used to make a brilliant wedding necklace. One can also add other embellishments like emerald and rubies to make it more gorgeous. In case of traditional cut diamonds one can choose from varieties like princess cut diamonds which come with rectangular chunks and one can make diamond chokers out of it. There are other cuts as well like pear cut (comes in tear drop shape), oval cut and the classic round cut. One can use any of these to make pendants that can go with a regular chain.

Colour and setting metal

Diamonds also have variety of colour options and the budget friendly ones mostly come in yellow options. One can try some yellow diamond studs for regular use. But on the other hand, clean cut or uncut diamonds are best to go for. Also one must set this expensive stone to the right metal which can complement it. Mainly gold is used of 18 karats to 22 karats because they have the strength to hold diamonds.  One can also look out for rhodium polish finish in case of smaller pieces because it can make the diamond sparkle more. Then one can also set the diamond on the platinum metal. They do have a chic finish and can be very good if one wants a sleek chain with a diamond pendant. Though diamonds can be set in sterling silver as well but there is a chance of tarnished effects.

Nothing can be better than a classic diamond necklace if one is buying their first diamond jewellery. They look very elegant in spite of being traditional. In most cases this necklace style features a diamond pendant on a metal chain and the classic chain reaches till the collarbone. One needs to pick the grade of the diamond when they are going for a classic necklace. One can go for a traditional diamond pendant or a multi hued one. Both look very stylish and elegant on the neck. One can wear them with both formal and casual dresses. In fact, it can look fashionable at an evening party as well or in a get together.

But one must go to the authentic diamond jewellery dealers to get the certified ones because it is an expensive investment and one must do that carefully.