What to expect in a hypnobirthing class?

Hypnobirthing refers to the tools and coping mechanisms you鈥檒l use to manage the mental and physical experiences of labour and pregnancy. You will be guided through the use of these tools over a couple of weeks in interactive sessions that could include other mums, dads and birth givers. Whether you prefer in-person learning or intimate virtual hypnobirthing classes, this is a learning environment where you will find a birthing process or method that works best for you. It doesn鈥檛 matter what unfolds over the coming months, or at birth, you can turn to the techniques to help you lower stress, keep focused, and manage pain overall. In this short guide, we鈥檒l go over what you can expect once you sign up for hypnobirthing classes.

What are hypnobirthing techniques?

The main aim of hypnobirthing is to alleviate feelings that cause tension during labour and birth. It is highly evidence-based and made up of techniques and philosophies that have existed for many, many years. Hypnobirthing classes in Melbourneare a collection of various techniques, principles and learning materials. In addition to learning how to labour effectively and efficiently through the physical body, and understanding optimal labour and birth positions, hypnobirthing programmes teach you the importance of the mind-body connection. This includes techniques such as self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, and deep breathing.There are more detailed class outlines that explain the specific principles that are taught and you are encouraged to do some research in this regard. However, here is a short list to get you started:

路         Controlled breathing techniques

Breathwork helps us to relax and oxygenate our labouring body effectively. The techniques taught will help labouring mums to respond positively to the pain of labour, and if practised properly can reduce anxiety and tension throughout the entire body

路         Positive focus and energy

Hypnobirthing classes help you to get familiar with things like positive visualisation and affirmations. These things have been known to affect how our brains are wired and our body鈥檚 response to pain.

路         Guided meditation and visualisation

Hypnobirthing teaches meditative techniques to help mums and birth givers achieve a deep state of relaxation (hypnosis). They aim to equip you with the skills to reposition the mind from a stressful place to a place of peace and relaxation.

路         Pain and fear management

By utilising a range of tools and techniques, you will also be taught how to manage pain and tension throughout your body. Through guided practice, mums and birth givers will establish healthy ways to manage fearful thoughts and allow your body to labour naturally and with greater ease.

路         Massage and other birthing partner support techniques

Your partner will also be taught the skills they need to be an effective support structure throughout your pregnancy, labour, and birth. Light touch massage is one of the things that can be used to condition the body to release certain hormones when you need them most.

Learning how to expect the unexpected

Many birthing programsunrealistically promise that you鈥檒l be without any pain if you take their class. The classes and techniques aren鈥檛 a shortcut to the picture-perfect labour you are imagining. The intention is to give you all the tools to feel more informed, confident, and prepared to take control of your experience. You will equip yourself with the capacity to relax in times of stress and calm down when you feel angry or overwhelmed. The techniques mentioned here, and many more, will help you create a positive and joyful birthing experience, one that you truly deserve. It is all about finding what works for you and opening yourself up to wherever that road may take you. Birth is a truly individual experience that should be free of limitations and expectations. The work of certified hypnobirthing practitioners is to help you buckle up for the ride and prepare for any bumps along the way.