What to Expect From the T-Mobile 55 Plan

If you are on the lookout for a favorable cell phone plan that offers unlimited talking, texting, and data, then you’ll come across numerous options that carry a price tag that is above $60 per month.

But if you are at the age of 55 or older, T-Mobile can provide you with an affordable alternative that doesn’t tack on overage charges, includes high-tech 5G coverage, mobile hotspot usage, and coverage for international calling if you so choose to use it.

As an added perk, T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plans also come to you without any long-term contracts attached.

Let’s take a deeper look into the T-Mobile 55 Plan Pros and Cons to get a full picture of what you can expect when you make this purchase.

Basics of T-Mobile 55

These are advantages that you can benefit from when using T-Mobile’s 55+ plans:

  • Advanced features: T-Mobile offers 5G data and mobile hotspot usage as well.
  • Cheap unlimited data: T-Mobile is easily the most affordable unlimited plan from a major provider that also offers unlimited talk, text, and data plans starting at $27.50 per month per line.
  • International coverage: T-Mobile has senior plans that offer customers unlimited data in Mexico and Canada, as well as data and texting abroad.
  • More discounted lines: Get up to four discounted lines on T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plans.
  • Nationwide availability: Verizon and AT&T may offer similar discounted plans for senior citizens, but currently, only T-Mobile’s plans are available in every single state in the U.S.
  • No annual contracts: T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plans don’t force you to be stuck in long-term contracts and won’t go up in price.

Expectations with T-Mobile

Believe it or not, an advantage is that T-Mobile has a smaller concentration of products and services.

As backward as this may sound when shopping with Verizon or AT&T, which are companies that have home-based services like internet, cable, and landline, it can get really complicated really fast when navigating the different products that they have to offer.

With so many services, all you may want from Verizon or AT&T is cellular service, but then they may try to upsell you to other items that you aren’t interested in at the moment.

Back to T-Mobile, with their products being limited to wireless service, you can get customer service that has its focus squarely on what you contacted them for, which is cellular service.

Now you can get all of your questions answered by a customer service representative that hasn’t had to be cross-trained in a dozen other gadgets and forms of technology or have to deal with getting bounced around to departments that don’t handle or understand your needs.

The one drawback of T-Mobile’s 55 and the older plans is that they aren’t able to be purchased online without having the assistance of a customer service representative due to the fact that age verification has to be done.

Finding a T-Mobile retail location shouldn’t be too hard because there are more than 8,000 of them throughout the United States.

Perks with T-Mobile Plans

Here is a quick look at the various services that T-Mobile plans can offer to their loyal customers:

  • “Free Stuff Every Week: T-Mobile provides special discounts and promotions to its customers that are unveiled each week and are called ‘T-Mobile Tuesdays.’
  • Netflix on Us: Both the Magenta 55+ plan and the Magenta MAX 55+ plan offer Netflix streaming to their customers. The Magenta 55+ plan can give you a basic Netflix plan dedicated to one screen that will appear in standard definition, and the Magenta MAX 55+ plan will give you a basic Netflix plan that will apply to one screen and a Netflix standard plan on two screens that will be in high-definition for more than two line accounts.
  • Scam Shield: T-Mobile has introduced Scam Shield to help combat robocalls from coming in. As a T-Mobile user, just download the free Scam Shield app or upgrade to Scam Shield Premium for a nominal fee.
  • Services Abroad: T-Mobile does a magnificent job of catering to users that are international travelers. All T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plans offer either texting or texting and data. The Magenta 55+ plan gets you set up with 5GB of 4G data in Mexico and Canada, and Magenta MAX 55+ offers you twice the data speed and texting abroad.
  • Service in Mexico and Canada: T-Mobile can give you data service all over North America. The Essentials 55+ plan provides 2G data coverage, and the Magenta 55+ and Magenta MAX 55+ plans give you 5GB of 4G data.
  • Streaming: If streaming video is a big part of the way that you use your phone, then you should go with T-Mobile to make that reality happen. If you pick the T-Mobile, the Essentials 55+ and Magenta plans, then you get to have unlimited standard definition, which is 480p (DVD quality) streaming, and the Magenta MAX 55+ plan makes it possible for you to have up to 4K unlimited high-definition streaming.