What to expect from a property management company?

Finding a reliable property manager can make the disparity between ‘make and break’ in your deal; as a result, it is not a decision to take without due consideration. In this piece of writing, I would like to talk about what you should look ahead to at what time looking for the best Manhattan property management companies.

Before we begin, bear in mind this:

You are the landlord. You are the “Asset Manager” and not the “Land Manager.” If there is one sentence of suggestion I can furnish investors, it is this:

“Think like the owner of your company.”

Leave the everyday operations up to a reliable management company. Focus your efforts on top of growing returns and improving property’s worth. Focus on the big image.

Good enough, let’s move on. What should you look ahead to from your property manager? What are they accountable for?

Marketing and Letting of Units

Certainly, our number one goal for your property manager is to lease units, and turn them as fast as possible. You want to look for best Manhattan property management companies that perform a good job keeping units occupied, and maintaining as near as achievable to 100% occupancy. Be sure that they are making use of their marketing dollars wisely and monitoring marketplace rents, so your rents will scale over time with the marketplace.

Rent Collection and Paying Bills

Okay, just the once it’s rented, somebody has to collect the rents. A good property management company will be careful here, enforcing delayed fees, and not letting inhabitants get at the back. Once a tenant is behind, it becomes very hard… then impracticable to catch up.

Together with paying bills, I would look for a company with excellent reporting. Have a look at their reporting periods and how frequently they will be sending you the payment. In spite of everything, that’s the name of the game.

Property Maintenance

Next, you would like to find a company that does a good work on maintenance. You will want to work in the midst of a company that does not let go maintenance for profits. Maintaining a property well-preserved at the same time as minimizing costs can be a challenge; but is not unattainable. Yet again, the difference between a good and bad manager will show all through – in particular in this area. Attention to detail is an unconditional prerequisite to be successful.

Enforcing Property Rules

A reliable property manager will not only have on paper procedural manuals, but also have on paper rules for residents to go behind. Enforcement of these rules will make your venture run smoother, and carry on your good (paying) residents in high spirits

All property management companies will assure you much the similar services. Here are a few of the more significant service you should be getting for your money.

Fees: Management fees can be a Flat rate about $300 for a single family home or 6% of rental returns for bigger properties.


  • A good management company will make available monthly statements and make them accessible online.
  • Be accessible to come back with any questions you have regarding your statements or costs.
  • Pull together and deposit your rents in a well-timed manner. We like to observe within 3-4 days.
  • Have a clean record with the dept of landed property. No delays or grievances.
  • Have superior business designations or continuing learning classes.
  • Appropriate Business insurance, workman’s damages and legal responsibility insurance to make available you with some way out in case they really make a mess.
  • Answer the telephone calls.
  • Make available you with quality maintenance and all the time offer three bids at what time doing work above a settled upon amount.
  • Many companies will feel like you to keep $500 -1000 in the trust account for standard maintenance. That’s very well but anything over 500; we think the landlord should be notified.
  • Proper leases, if at all possible the professional management or apartment building associations lease.
  • Weekend rental abilities; Fast leasing is hard cash in your pocket.
  • Levelheaded rental fees on top of the management fees.

Manhattan property management companies can facilitate you rent quicker and should maintain a preventative maintenance program fixing problems prior to they become gigantic problems and operating expenses. We all know what happens at what time we overlook small problems. 

Gigantic costs down the road. It’s not a good fixation if you by no means get small maintenance bills…it may be a warning of management overlook. If you not at all hear from them, call them or visit the property to be self-assured it’s being maintained. The nice customer who never causes problem doesn’t get the same level of service as the customer that is watching and letting management recognize they are hired for a motive. Your job is not to make links here, but to courteously allow the management companies know you are a concerned landlord.