What to Expect at Your First AA Meeting

Are you seeking to overcome alcohol addiction? If you have decided to seek help for this problem, congratulations are in order for you. 

This is a big step as this isn’t an easy disease to overcome

The good news is that you aren’t alone. If you’re looking for help join Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). If you’re joining AA, you should read this guide to know what to expect in your first AA meeting. 

Protecting Anonymity

It’s natural to have anxiety about attending your first AA meeting. First-time attendees may have hesitation about revealing to others their drinking problem. 

Don’t feel ashamed about this. AA places emphasis on the principle of anonymity. This means that what members share in the meetings stays in the meetings. 

Members can share so there is no need to worry about gossip or being made fun of. It’s a safe environment. No one outside of the group will know you have a drinking problem. 

Participation in the Meetings

AA encourages its members to share with the other members. Members are not forced to share if they don’t feel comfortable. 

If you’re going into your first AA meeting, it’s fine to join and observe. Make sure to introduce yourself to the group. Tell them it’s your first meeting. 

You can take this as a learning opportunity to listen to the other members share their thoughts. The rest of the members will understand that you’re taking baby steps. 

Cost of Attending AA Meetings

As a member of AA, you don’t have to pay to attend the meetings. There aren’t any dues or fees. 

You should know that it’s normal for a collection to take place at the meetings. The collection is taken to help cover expenses. The money will cover the rental for the facility and the refreshments that are part of the meetings. 

Participating in the collection is not mandatory, but it’s encouraged to do so. 

Getting a Sponsor

AA sponsors play an important role. AA sponsors help keep members on track with their sobriety. 

You will not be assigned an AA sponsor at your first AA meeting. Consider attending several meetings so you can become familiar with the group members. 

After you get a feel for the group, you can make a choice. Choose an AA sponsor who is honest and trustworthy.

Buying AA Coins and Tokens

AA coins and AA tokens are gifts that members receive to mark their sobriety. These help members remember to take sobriety one day at a time. 

On your first AA meeting, you aren’t expected to have an AA coin or an AA token. It’s still important to understand their significance. 

If you’re looking to learn more about AA coins and AA tokens click here

Your First AA Meeting

The benefits of AA can’t be understated. AA meetings can help people overcome their addiction to alcohol. 

Before you attend your first AA meeting, you should know what to expect.

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