What To Do With Your Old Mobile Phones?

Cellphones are love for many. Some of us also save for an entire year to buy the latest and highly technology-oriented smartphone. But change is the only constant in the world. Technology also changes and improves at a rapid rate. The interested ones can’t stick to their old smartphones and normal phones for so long and want to replace them. But as time goes by, one detects the need of using the old phones implementing new and amazing ways. If you are also among those who are looking for options to repurpose or try new methods of using their old phones, then this blog is for you. Stay tuned to turn your previous mobile partner into something more useful.

1. Home Security Camera

A Wi-Fi connection at home can help you turn your phone into a security system. Yes, all you need to do is download the related apps and install a separate Skype account on your old phone or laptop. Then set the program to accept the video calls automatically. In this way, you can make a call at home from remote locations and keep a check on what’s happening. No complicated software, no hi-fi science knowledge required, just being the jack of all trades. 

2. Baby Monitoring

Do you have kids to be taken care of? Do you love traveling? In most cases, both of them are not possible at the same time due to many constraints. But if you have some old phone at your home then you can pursue your passion for traveling by turning the device into a baby monitor. You can connect the phone to the internet and you will be notified every time the baby starts making any noise. Soothing the baby remotely becomes easy with the help of these apps. 

3. Trading The Device

What if your device is not the condition to carry out the above-cited things? Or what if you don’t want to use it in any of these ways? Then trading is one of the best solutions. Various platforms offer apple trade in South Africa. You can easily sell your unwanted phones and get the best price in the market. 

4. Creating A Media Library

You can also transform your mobile into a great server or a media library and enjoy your favorite music, web shows, and movies while your new mobile is kept for battery charging. Also, you can use it to stream content on the other devices at your house. Moreover, various Android and iOS apps let you access all the files stored on other devices remotely.

5. Recycling

Throwing a plastic device in the trash is a big no. One should consider the environment and think in an eco-friendly way. According to a study, hundreds of pounds of solvents, gold, and palladium can be saved from every 1M phones recycled. Hence, recycling has always been one of the highly recommended options. You can go to the nearest store in South Africa and choose apple trade.

6. Your Music Partner

Setting up your old phone as an MP3 player is one of the ways outs you can try. If you are among those who dance and jump while listening to music and fear about your phone, then you should try using your old phone for this purpose. It is kind of repurposing your old things to get the pleasure today. You can stream your favorite music and listen to the radio regularly. 


Donating it and activating it to use it is an emergency phone are some other things you can do with an old cell phone. You can try giving it away and selling it and making a few bucks. You should keep trying apple trade options in South Africa as one of the solutions.