What To Do With Surplus IT Equipment

The ever-present concern of the changing environment is impacting the way we think. Recycling greatly reduces waste and is becoming more popular by the day.

Recycling surplus IT equipment reduces e-waste. It also allows for materials to be salvaged from equipment that is out of use. For example, recycling a million old cell phones allows for the recovery of 35,000 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium.

There are a host of ways to recycle your old IT equipment. Let’s explore some of the easiest ways to dispose of old laptops, phones, and other equipment in a planet-friendly way.

Donate Your Surplus IT Equipment

If your unused IT equipment is in good working order, donation is a viable option. Searching for “laptop donation near me” or “donate laptop near me,” Google will give you a host of results in your area.

There are schools, facilities, clubs, and other organizations that can put your old equipment to good use. This will give your old equipment a new life while saving it from a landfill.

Recycle Your Surplus IT Equipment

Many manufacturers can assist in recycling old equipment. Check with the manufacturer to see if they will take old equipment back to be properly recycled.

There are also plenty of recycling facilities throughout the world. These facilities will disassemble unusable equipment to recover usable parts, pieces, and materials. It is also possible that some pieces of old equipment will go to use in brand new IT equipment.

Recycle Old Computers for Cash Near Me

Another option relies once again on Google. Searching for “recycle old computers for cash near me” will help you locate a facility that pays for old laptops and equipment.

A surplus of IT equipment can be a profitable turn of events. Connect with the right facility, and you could be seeing some cash for your old equipment.

Rely on Asset Recovery

Asset recovery is another great way to turn your unused IT equipment into a profit.

A specialized company accepts your equipment, then connects with their network of buyers to sell your equipment. If you find the right company, you will negotiate a price well above wholesale.

And if your assets do not sell, your old equipment will be recycled appropriately. There is generally no risk to you using asset recovery. And you can reap the benefits without the hard work, and without wasting a thing.

Recycling is Good for the Planet

If you were not convinced that recycling IT equipment is easy and effective before reading this article, we hope you are now.

Putting surplus IT equipment to good use is much better for the environment. Safely recycling your IT equipment keeps it out of a landfill. Find the option that’s right for you, and help keep the planet healthy.

Check out more info on recycling in our Technology section, and keep up to date with the latest trends and changes.