What To Do In A Flat-Tyre Emergency

For emergencies of unexpected flat tires, where you are in the middle of nowhere, it important to keep a can of sealer in all your vehicles. But, it should only be used for unexpected situations.

How To Use The Handy Dandy Can

All you have to do is take the cap off and then the opening of the can attaches right to the valve stem of your flat tyre. Moreover, you will find that inside this can, there is compressed air and a liquid. So, when you attach it to the tyre, the liquid comes in contact with the air. The liquid solidifies and hopefully, that will clog the leak and it does work for small leaks and it will fill your tire with air.

But the problem is that the stuff that seals the leak also damages the tire. So, you have to replace the tire eventually. It also makes a big mess inside your tire so; the tire shops aren’t going to want to replace your tire. Because they don’t want to take that extra time to clean the wheel and get rid of all this stuff that solidifies. That’s why it should only be used for emergencies as it is good for a backup. It should be the last thing on your list you should use to pump up your tire to get home.

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So, while keeping this as the last option. It is important to start with pumping up the tyre first. Once you have pumped it up and it’s been a few minutes and the tire hasn’t gone down in pressure. If in the 5-10 minutes that you waited, the pressure goes down and your tire gets flat again, you shouldn’t drive home. You should use the spare tyre, that’s what it’s for.

Then I’m going to show you how to plug that tire so that it doesn’t leak air anymore.

How To Recognize Leaks

Once, you have reached home in a safe and sound manner. You will notice and see that the tire is still inflated which means we probably have a pretty slow leak. So, now we want to remove the tire from the car and you can do that with the scissor jack and tire iron that comes with the car if you don’t have a lot of tools.

But if you have a breaker bar jack and jack stand, it’ll make this job that much easier. No matter what jack you use, if you don’t know how to jack your car up, you should check out the owner’s manual and flip to the back, where it’ll show you exactly what you need to do to lift the car up safely.

So, let’s get started. The first thing you’re going to want to do is to break those lug nuts loose. Because, if you try to do this with the tire in the air, it’s just going to spin. With all the lug nuts broken loose now, we can jack up the car. But before that, we want to block off our rear wheel so the car doesn’t roll anywhere. Then we can place the jack on the proper jacking point and lift the wheel all the way off the ground. It’s always a good idea to support the vehicle with a jack stand and not just the jack. Now we can finish removing our lug nuts and remove the wheel.

Once we have the wheel off, you want to make sure it’s fully inflated so, that you have good air pressure. Next, you will search for the leak. The leak is most likely a nail that’s in the tread area of the tire.

So just spin the tire and keep an eye out for any nails. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the leak so there is a little trick, and that’s using a spray bottle with soapy water. All it contains is dish soap and water mixed together and what you need to do is just spray down the wheel and you want to keep an eye out for any areas that are bubbling up.

Because any air leaking out is going to cause bubbles. You can never use too much soapy water so don’t be afraid to use a lot. Oh, and you will instantly recognize the areas of the leak. As it just makes it completely obvious to spot where your leak is. So, once the bubbling up areas have been recognized, make sure to note these spots and take care of the flat-tyre situation.