What to Do If Your Garage Door Won’t Close

Did you know that 36% of all car thefts happen in residential areas? Leaving your garage door open leaves your property like a sitting duck in open season, but what if your garage door won’t close! A broken garage door needs to be fixed ASAP, but don’t worry; we have the solutions to get it working correctly and fast!

Let’s take a look!

The Batteries

Sometimes the simplest answer is the solution! If your garage door doesn’t close, your first step should be to check the batteries in your transmitters. There should be one inside of your garage on the wall, and then you should have a portable transmitter for when you are in the car.

Double-check that the batteries are working and in the correct position. The batteries may be out in both transmitters simultaneously because you most likely installed the batteries at the same time in the transmitters. Although batteries are easy fix, garage door repairs can be tricky, this blog will tell you everything that you need to know about repairs!

Safety Sensors

Your garage door is fit with safety sensors that prevent the garage door from closing and crushing something, or someone, in its path. If your garage door is going down halfway, but still not closing, that is a good indicator that your safety sensor is the issue.

It could be that there is something blocking the sensor or the issue could be a faulty or failing sensor. Double check that the area is clear, if the door still won’t go down all the way then the sensors will most likely need replaced.

Disconnect Switch

If you press your garage door button and you can hear the garage door mechanism making the usual sounds but nothing is happening it could mean that the issue is the disconnect switch. The disconnect switch is part of your garage door set up in case of an emergency such as a loss of power.

The switch enables you to manually open the garage door. If the switch has been enabled accidentally, it could be the reason your door will not go down. The disconnect switch is usually attached to a rope that dangles from the door, so be sure to double check that it has not been enabled.

Alignment of the Door

The issue with your garage door not closing could be an issue with the door itself rather than the electrical side. If your door is off track it could be preventing the door from closing all the way. Gaps and bends between the rollers and track could be a sign of serious damage to the door and should be addressed immediately to avoid injury.

What to Do if the Garage Door Won’t Close

Nothing is more frustrating than a problem you cannot fix. However, these simple troubleshooting tips for if your garage door won’t close can help you resolve the issue in no time!

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