What to Do if You Have Multiple Businesses at the Same Google My Business Address

In the current climate, this is indeed a popular question that most businesses tend to have. In case you have multiple businesses at the same address – how do you register with Google My Business? 

Will one business will affect the discoverability of others? Will Google revoke your eligibility if you run more than one business at a single location? There is quite a lot of confusion in this regard and that is the reason why it needs to be explained in greater detail. In this article guide, we’ll try to explain this topic so that you’ll be able to easily register your businesses and thereby opt for affordable SEO services in Melbourne

Can You Have More Than One Google My Business Listing At The Same Location?

In short answer, yes. If you’re someone who is legitimately running multiple businesses at a single address, then you can generally create separate Google My Business listings for each of them respectively. 

It’s not at all uncommon to find more than one business to be located at a single street or house address. However, you need to pertain to different provisions and details as well. 

How Do You Know If Your Businesses Are Distinct Enough To Be Eligible For Separate Google My Business Listings?

If each of the businesses that you operate has its separate registration with the state or central government, along with having a unique TAX ID number as well – for which you file separate tax returns every year, then you’ll be eligible for separate Google My Business listing. 

Furthermore, all of your businesses should have separate phone numbers as well as have the ability to meet face-to-face separately with its customers too. 

Can Service Area Businesses List Multiple Businesses Within The Same Address?

It should be noted that Google treats Service Area Businesses a lot different than regular brick and mortar stores. Even though there are no official guidelines for the same – businesses such as different locksmiths and plumbers providing services at the same location – should not be considered as the best practice to do so. 

Google is more likely to provide hard suspensions to Service Area Businesses for this same reason, even if the business is being run legitimately. Therefore, it’s better not to have Service Area Businesses co-located.

What Are Some Of The Ineligibilities That Will Prevent You From Listing Multiple Businesses At The Same Address?

For starters, if your businesses do not have separate legal registrations and phone numbers, then you’re ineligible to list multiple businesses at the same address. Furthermore, if you have any representative business under the umbrella of an already registered business, then you’ll be ineligible to register for separate listings. 

Moreover, multiple businesses should not be listed at virtual offices, PO boxes, mailboxes or any other place where you don’t have the authority to do so. 

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