What To Do If You Have A Car Accident On NYE?

New Year’s Eve is a joyous time where revelers remember the past and anticipate the future. The night is supposed to be filled with toasts, music, and pleasant interactions.


Automobile accidents are the last thing partygoers want, need, or plan for. However, executing the appropriate actions in the wake of such an event could determine how quickly they recover or if they might receive compensation for any injuries sustained.


Steps To Execute Following An Accident On NYE


The actions one performs can be divided into two categories, those taken in the incident’s immediate aftermath and measures acted upon once the holiday is over.

It is important to remember that this time is a major holiday and professional offices will likely be closed until Monday, January 4, 2021.


Immediate Actions


That said, there are still certain actions that can and should be completed in the minutes and hours following the mishap including:


Ensuring Involved Parties Are Safe


In the first moments following an accident, the involved motorists and passengers should first ensure the scene is safe.


If anyone possesses seemingly life-threatening injuries, emergency services personnel should be beckoned right away. However, if the incident participants are not seriously hurt, they should move their vehicles off the road to a secure space.


Notify Local Authorities


Once the scene is relatively secure, local police should be notified. Said agency will dispatch officers who can take further control of the scene, direct traffic, and author viable incident reports based on victim and eyewitness testimony.


Additionally and, if they were not previously summoned, emergency services professionals should be notified. Said medical professionals can administer first aid and evaluate the health of injured parties.


Gather Evidence


If the accident victim is physically capable, said subject should snap photos encapsulating the damage the vehicles in question sustained. Moreover, each party is emboldened to write down accurate accounts of the events leading up to and during the accident.


Collect Contact Information


Before exiting the incident scene, accident parties should obtain the names, addresses, contact numbers, emails, and auto insurance information from others privy to the event.


Receive A Medical Assessment


Thorough health evaluations are crucial for two distinct reasons.


First, the recouping of funds in any civil action against perceived guilty drivers or through an insurance claim will rely heavily on demonstrating that the damages the claimant received were directly related to the incident and no other existing medical illness or physical injury.


Furthermore, even serious injuries commonly occurring following car accidents might be detectable but not produce discernible symptoms immediately, Ergo, prompt and comprehensive evaluation often proves critical to preventing significant complications.


Steps To Take Following The Holiday Weekend


Immediately following New year’s weekend, accident parties should perform two pertinent actions:


Contact Insurance Provider


Accident victims might be able to reach their coverage provider over the holiday weekend. However, in all likelihood, they will not see any action until the new work week commences.


That said, insurance providers might provide certain immediate perks. For example, if the policyholder’s vehicle needs extensive physical or mechanical work, said company may be able to provide their customer with a loaner vehicle until necessary repairs are finished.


Consult With A Personal Injury Attorney


The injured party might believe the incident was the result of another driver’s irresponsible actions. In such cases, said party may seek compensation from said individual.


An important step in this process is a consultation with a personal injury lawyer specializing in car accident cases. First, said legal professional will review the facts and determine the claim’s validity.


If the argument is strong enough, a reputable lawyer will develop a strategy to prove fault on the part of the accused motorists and gather evidence needed to satisfactorily demonstrate said claims before a ruling body such as a judge or jury.