What to do before pest inspection

Want to eliminate the dangers that rats, cockroaches, flies, and spiders cause in your home? If so, all you have to do is find the best way to eliminate pests in your area. But before you choose this option, you need to know what to do before a pest control treatment. This piece tells you what to do before preparing your whole house for hunter-pest and building inspections.   

Set up access

Take out any tools or furniture that is in the corners. By doing this, the person in charge of hunter-pest and building inspections will be able to get to where pests are most likely to be. It will also help protect gadgets or furniture from the pest control spray used in the treatment.

Know how to pack clothes and furniture.

Toys, cooking tools, clothes, jewelry, and makeup should all be put away. It is best to put these things in cabinets or boxes:

  1. Make sure there aren’t any holes.
  2. Make the bed and put a top sheet on it.
  3. You can wash this after treatment.

Use an old bed sheet or plastic wrap to cover the furniture in the house. The second choice is better than sheets, which would need more protection from poisons. If there are termites, remember to be extra careful with wood furniture. Removing it from the room and putting it elsewhere where pesticides can be used may be necessary.

Clean up the kitchen area.

Start by removing and cleaning the trash can the right way. Next, keep an eye on the numbers. Next, put away dishes and cups to make a clean area for the bug control spray. Finally, put your cooking tools in a different room. 

Also, since pests tend to gather in the kitchen, putting pesticides in all cabinets and storage areas is important. All small tools should be kept out of the kitchen. If this isn’t possible, unplug them and put a plastic sheet over them to make them even safer. Pests can’t be stopped by flimsy plastic. Instead, store any leftover food in plastic cases or metal crates that are strong and made to last. Before you stop your fridge, if you need to, you should carefully check what’s inside.

Keep pets outside

If you have a pet at home, leave it with a friend or neighbor before the pest control process starts. Animals are especially sensitive to the chemicals used to get rid of pests, so this is done to keep them safe. Keep any pet toys or furniture outside the house while you get therapy. If you have a tank, you must ensure it has a good cover. Use an auto-feeder to keep the fish well-fed while the treatment continues, or feed them before the treatment starts. You have to turn off the air fans in the tank to stop the chemicals from getting into the aquarium and upsetting the fish.

Keep flower pots and paintings on the wall safe.

Before the process, wrap any artwork, decorations, or wall hangings in plastic. If you have flower pots, you should leave them outside before the pest control treatment starts. Move the pots to accommodate the treatment if you have a rooftop yard.


If you go with pest inspection, a professional pest control specialist such as Smaart Building Consultancy. They will visit you in person to review their findings and inform you of the situation around your property. Your staff has to be open and clear so that you can move them whenever needed. Your exterminators will start the first stages of treatment as soon as you and they are on the same page.