What to do after Being Charged with DWI in Tarrant County

It’s almost impossible to go scot-free after violating Driving While Intoxicated in Tarrant County. This is treated as a serious offense hence attracting tough penalties.  Since a DWI case is not taken lightly, so chances of the case being dismissed are low. However, with Tarrant county DWI attorney, the charges can be dropped.

Once you are arrested for committing a DWI offense in Tarrant County, you may have a lot of questions with you. For instance, you may want to know how serious a DWI charge is or if there is any need to involve a skilled DWI attorney. Still, you may want to know about the penalties involved in the DWI offense.

First, the DWI offense is one of the most serious offenses in Tarrant county. Don`t be surprised if it’s categorized as a felony. This is why it’s imperative to hire a competent personal injury lawyer to represent you immediately after your arrest. 

Important Things To Note About DWI offense

The last thing you want is to become convicted with a DWI offense. A conviction will not only paralyze your life but your dignity will be lost you. Besides losing your job, and driving license, you are going to remain behind bars for some time. The worst part is that even after completing a jail term; consequences of a DWI offense will be with you for a lifetime. Your employers will know that you are an ex-convict hence securing a job will never be an easy task.

Furthermore, your loved one will be emotionally affected and they may have to adjust their normal lifestyle due to financial constraints. So, after you are convicted of a DWI offense, negative things start unfolding one after the other and you may recover from the blow. For instance, if you are convicted with a DWI offense for a second time, your car is installed with IID(Ignition Interlock Device). This system prevents your car from starting until you pass the sobriety test.

What Happens Before I’m Charged with a DWI Offense?

Always remember that you are innocent of the charges until proven guilty. However, some tests are done to check your BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) in your body. Also, police officers may produce reliable evidence that will hold you responsible. With a BAC of 0.8% or more, you will be charged with the offense.

In severe cases, you may have caused accidents or injuries on other people for DWI. Such a category of DWI offense is referred to as a felony and has serious penalties. So, you will need an expert attorney to defend you in your ongoing case. For very serious injuries caused, you are charged with 3rd-degree felony or intoxication manslaughter in case someone died.

Can Tarrant County DWI attorney help?

In case you have failed all the sobriety tests, then you are literally sailing in a pool of trouble. This is especially if you have no lawyer to fight for you. The test may include a BAC test, Breathalyzer or they may conduct a field test to check your balance, mental awareness or coordination.

However, even if it’s obvious you were driving while drunk or intoxicated; a skilled attorney can lay an excellent defense challenging your DWI charges. The lawyer will use his/her legal knowledge to identify any possible faults in your charges. Sometimes the evidence may be inaccurate and twisted to pin you down. A DWI lawyer will use all means to fight back until your case is dismissed. Are you in the hands of the authority already facing DWI charges? The right time to hire a Tarrant attorney is now.