What To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident On A Commercial Property

Life is full of activities that we undertake every moment of our lives. These activities occur at places where we have control over what we do, such as in our homes or where we do not have much control, such as in public places or even other people’s homes. Often, we are in places, which are generally termed as commercial properties.

These commercial properties are sources of slip and fall accidents that may result in injuries to people using those places. The accidents can take place because of a slippery floor, absence of warnings, faulty banisters, jerky escalators, and such other conditions prevailing in commercial properties. Such slips and falls may result in immediate injuries or long-term injuries aggravated by the slip and fall.

Victims of slip and fall accidents can lay claim to damages if the property owner has not followed the Florida law for commercial businesses that they keep their property safe for public use, fix hazardous conditions and warn the public about potential dangers by adequately cautioning  people about wet floors or other hazards.

1. Do not forget the 4-year limitation under Florida’s statute for slip and fall injury claims

The first thing you must not forget is that, in Florida, you must file a lawsuit against a property owner on whose property you had a fall causing an injury within four years of the incident.

2. Seek medical attention and document meticulously

The first priority is your safety. Therefore, seek medical attention immediately after the slip and fall and get your doctor to record all your injuries and their effect on your overall health now and in the future. In fact, you should ask your doctor to advise you on the steps to you should take so that the injury does not cause you further health conditions in the future. Be sure to be as accurate as possible while recounting your injuries. Ensure you keep meticulous records of all such advice and expenditure based on the doctor’s advice and prescriptions.

3. Report the incident to the property owner

Reporting the incident to the property owner or management is one of the very important steps you must take. If your injury occurred in a public property, report it to the concerned authorities. When you do this, you will have a record of the incident. Make the report as elaborate as possible with supporting proof such as a video or photos. If possible, record a statement from a few witnesses to the incident. In cases of slip and fall incidents proving negligence on the part of the property owner or management is useful under Florida law. 

4. Contact a competent slip and fall attorney

Contrary to popular belief that DIY is the way to move forward, it is not advisable in the slip and fall case. You need to make it a point to select competent and experienced slip and fall attorneys to handle your case. These attorneys will advise you on the way to proceed so that you receive suitable compensation from the property owners.

You must remember that a slip and fall injury is quite traumatic if it turns serious. You can reduce your anxiety at least on the funds needed to treat your for your injuries by getting the property owner to pay for it for his or her negligence.

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