What to Do After a Car Accident

Accidents happen unexpectedly, even to the most careful and safest drivers. After an auto accident, you can be enraged at the person who runs a red light or is dizzy with adrenaline.

One of the vital things to do immediately after an auto accident is to remain calm. While the post-accident procedure is fairly straightforward, it is not always simple. Keep your cool and do the following after an auto accident:

1. Don’t Run-Off

Whether it’s a serious or fender bender car accident, avoid leaving the scene. Failure to do so will be an offense under every road accident act.

Ensure you switch off your car’s engine and turn on the hazard lights to alert other passing drivers of your presence. Remember also to take a closer look around to see if other people involved in the accident are hurt.

2. Get to Safety

If your accident and injuries are minor, be sure to drive your vehicle to one side of the road carefully to avoid impeding traffic. Though if the accident is severe and some people are hurt, leave your car where it is.

Even when you’re unsure of your injuries, be careful when getting out of the car, particularly if the incident occurred on a busy street or highway. You might not be thinking clearly and logically, putting you in more danger.

3. Contact an Insurance Firm

Apart from providing your auto insurance firm with the required details, you may also need to file a car damage claim and discuss the kind of insurance you have and how it covers you depending on who is at fault.

Your insurance broker, agent, or company may inform you if you should file a claim or not and what those steps will be. This includes knowing the statute of limitations in your state.

4. Dial 911

Whether you regard your accident as a major collision or minor fender bender, dialing 911 is vital. In some states, this is a must and legally required.

The responding police officers will help you document what happened at the scene and make a report. If they cannot come to the scene, you may go to a nearby police station and write the report yourself.

5. Get Medical Help

Usually, injuries that a car accident causes are not always apparent immediately. Unless you are completely sure that you didn’t get injured, you need to seek medical help or see a medical doctor at a local hospital.

Even in an accident involving minor impacts, you might still get permanent and serious injuries to your brain or spinal cord. If you dazed or lost consciousness for several minutes, you might be suffering from a closed head injury and concussion. This might result in behavioral and cognitive changes if an injury is left untreated.

In a Nutshell!

A few moments after an auto accident, it might be difficult to think things clearly. Due to the trauma and emotions linked with an auto accident, most drivers make mistakes, limiting their rights to receive compensation from a car insurance firm after a collision. So, you need to get prepared beforehand to ensure you do the right thing.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.