What to Consider While Buying a Grease Gun

You may be planning to buy a grease gun, but you find it challenging to know what to look for before deciding which grease gun best suits you or wondering about the appearance of the best grease guns. Therefore, this article deeply looks into what you need to know and look for before deciding on which grease gun to select over the others and at what cost you can acquire it.

A grease gun is a unique tool used to put grease by injecting it into machine parts, mostly the moving parts for the lubrication process.

This tool is made in different models to satisfy consumer interest; therefore, these tools are found in various types, and each other poses additional features. Thus, while buying this tool, there are essential features that an individual should consider before purchasing the device. These features include; 


When going to buy a grease gun, this is the main feature to put into consideration. Recently, cartels have emerged who tend to replicate and come up with fake grease guns; therefore, they should take great care to avoid falling into the trap of buying a tool that will only be of use for a shorter period than is required. 

Consider buying a grease gun made from solid materials, most notably aluminium and stainless steel are also considered the best. Try as much as possible to avoid guns made from plastic materials as the device will only provide service for a short period and then will, later on, end up damaged.


The existence of cartels in the grease gun market always confirms the grease gun price in Kenya to avoid paying too many fixed costs.

Also, while going for a grease gun, always avoid the cheaply priced ones; go for the medium-priced, and by doing so, quality is assured while you don’t suffer paying lots of money.


While buying a grease gun, you are highly advised to check on the carrying capacity of the gun. It would help if you avoided guns with small amplitude. At the same time, guns with huge capacity may tend to go for higher prices. Therefore, they are capable of meeting the higher prices. You are highly advised to go for these tools, and if not, those with medium capacity should be considered. 

Easy to use

There are grease guns that are a bit harder to use as they require special learned skills to use these guns should be avoided, and therefore one should consider direct grease guns that do not require special procedures to use.


You now know what to consider from the above features while buying a grease gun or advising a person on which grease gun to pick. I also hope that you go for a suitable price without making any financial struggle and risk falling into the traps of cartels who have fully engaged in selling fake grease guns, which often leads to a significant loss upon purchasing them. All in all, I am delighted to be of service in the making of what I consider to be a go-to guideline. All the best!


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)