What to Consider When Creating a Logo for Your Small Business

Are you looking to create a logo for your business?

Logos are important to businesses as they give customers an instant impression of you. Plus, they can even become a major selling point of your brand. Someone may choose to buy a Nike t-shirt over an unbranded one, solely because of the logo. This is because it’s iconic and associated with quality.

When creating a logo, it’s important to get it right the first time and design something awesome.

Read on for some great tips to help you create a logo you can be proud of.

Consider Your Companies History

Some big brands have designed their logos around the companies history to make it personal to them.

For example, KFC uses an image of Colonel Saunders, who founded the business, in their logo. This gives customers an insight into their history so they can feel more connected with the brand.

In terms of your business, do you have an interesting story of how you started? If so, could you incorporate it into your logo?

If you can do this, then it can help tell a positive story to your customers. By learning about your journey, it’s easy for them to remember you.

Color is Very Important

You may not believe it but the psychology of color is very powerful. Often just the color of the packaging can draw us in and convince us to buy something.

Well, a logo has this power as well.

The color of your logo should reflect your brand, products, and services. For example, if you’re an eco-friendly brand, incorporate green or blue into it. If you want to create excitement, then go with red. Or, if you offer professional services, then black is the best option.

If you get it wrong then you could seriously harm your image and give off the wrong impression. So, take your time when choosing your colors.

When Designing a Logo, Looking Professional Is Key

The most important concept of designing a logo is to make something professional. Customers will create an impression of your business within a few seconds and the logo is the first thing they see.

If you try to cut corners and don’t put effort into your logo design, then it reflects badly on your business. When creating it, use the best graphic design software to make it look fantastic.

You may even want to make it 3D or consider logo animation for extra value. Both of these will show customers you’re a modern business which will help boost your image.

Important Things to Consider When Creating a Logo

As you can see, there are a few things to consider when creating a logo. The most important things are to take your time and make it look professional.

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