What to Consider When Buying Commercial Property

Those with their own business might be renting a property from which they are conducting their operations. But if business is good and is growing steadily, there may come a time when a business owner might consider investing in commercial property for more security. But is it a good time to buy commercial property? What do business owners need to consider before making this big investment? The experts at Exit Real Estate Consultants in DeRidder, LA explain that there are pros and cons to buying commercial property. They also say that businesses should consider their options carefully before closing a deal.

The Benefits of Buying Commercial Property

Some experts believe that it always makes sense to invest in property. As the mortgage is paid each month, the business’s assets will be rising. Furthermore, because property tends to go up in value, the property is good for the balance books. There is also the benefit of having a fixed amount to pay each month and not having to worry about rent increases.

Another advantage of owning your commercial property is the fact that you are free to do what you wish in terms of renovation and decoration. If you want to change the interior to accommodate more office space, then you can do so without having to consult a landlord.

As you pay off the mortgage on your commercial property, you will be building up equity which can be released further down the line should you need to raise capital. Plus, you can rent out space within the property to other businesses to raise funds if you require.

The Disadvantages of Buying Commercial Property

The obvious downside to buying a commercial property is the cost. To fund such a payment, you would need to have a considerable amount of cash for a deposit. You will then have to apply for a mortgage to finance the rest of the purchase. For some businesses, tying up cash in a property can be a huge drawback as it means not being able to access their money quickly should it be required.

Owning your commercial property also means that you are responsible for the structural repairs to the building, which would not be applicable if you were renting. This can be enough to put many people off investing in commercial property.

What to Think About Before You Buy

If you are still intent on buying a commercial property, it would be worth taking some time to consider what your motivation is. For example, if you are buying a property to house your own business, it could be a particularly good idea. Nevertheless, if you are hoping to buy commercial property as an investment and are planning to rent it out to other business owners, you need to be aware that there may be times when the building is unoccupied. Your mortgage will still have to be paid, so you need to think about how you would cover this cost.

Unless you have experience in buying commercial properties, it would make sense to hire a team with knowledge and experience of the process. This means a realtor in the first instance who would be able to find a suitable property and who would help you get the best price.

You will also require an attorney to take care of the legal side of things and possibly a mortgage broker to secure the best loan for the purchase of the property. Before you commit to buying, have an accountant run through the figures to ensure it is the best deal financially for you and your business.


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