What to consider before hiring an exterior brick painting service in Toronto?

Brick houses in Toronto have been in trend for the past 100 years or so and have become one of the city’s landmarks! Bricks are deemed the most reliable material when building houses to withstand heavy weather and harsh heat. However, they still require maintenance. Exterior bricks of houses can lose their original appearance due to heat and different weather conditions as time passes. You could opt to get your bricks replaced, but it is a lengthy and expensive process. Therefore, people choose to paint their exterior brick houses instead of replacing them!

Brick painting by yourself is not an easy task. Therefore, with so many professional brick painters in Toronto, you can easily find a reliable Exterior Brick painting service in Toronto, who will do the job precisely and restore the elegant look of your brick house to its original form!

Not only is the cost of getting your house’s exterior bricks professionally painted low, but it will also give a fresh look to your home! It will also protect the bricks from further getting harmed by the harsh weather and mold growth or climbing plants.

Are you still unsure of how you can hire the best professional exterior brick painting service in Toronto? Well, we are here to guide you!

  1. Ask for reviews:

Before searching for a service, you must ask around in your family, friends, and acquaintances if they have had any experience with a brick painting service! If yes, your work has been made easy, and you can hire that service your friends or family have had experience with! It will make it easier as you will be more comfortable knowing they are good at their job and trustworthy! If they give you negative reviews about the service, it will help you avoid that one!

In case no one in your social circle has had the opportunity to hire a brick painting service, you can search up a few exterior brick painting services in Toronto and check if they suit your requirements and budget. If yes, then look for reviews on the service’s website, on local social media groups, and search engines!

  1. Interview them:

Before hiring any service, you must ask them all the necessary details! Interview at least 3-4 services before hiring the best one. Here are some questions you should ask them:

  • Their experience in the business: It is urged that you hire a service that has had at least a few years of experience and is not relatively new, as new painting services are prone to make more mistakes and not do the job and an experienced one.
  • Their credentials: Another crucial thing to keep in mind is whether the painting service has a government-approved license or not. You can check it on the local government’s website. Make sure the painting service has been trained from a reliable institution and has trusted, well-trained employees.
  • Written Contracts: Before any financial transaction, it is advised to have a written contract signed by both parties. You can ask the services if they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and a refund or re-attempt the job if there are unsatisfactory results! This has to be a part of the written contract signed to avoid any future problems.
  • Products and time: Another important thing you should ask them is the products they will be using. The painting service must make use of products that do not contain harsh chemicals or are low-quality as exterior brick painting has to be strong enough to resist the extreme heat and weather. You should also ask the service beforehand how long the whole process would avoid any misunderstandings later. Ensure the completion date is mentioned in the written contract so that the painting service makes sure there are no delays!
  1. Lastly, Discuss:

After you have interviewed and checked the reviews of the exterior painting service in Toronto, discuss with them all the work you need to get done and the budget! You must compare the prices of different services to avoid paying unnecessarily high! Layout all the work you want the painting service to do to avoid any misunderstandings.The more you are specific to them about the job, the better the results will be!

Make sure you don’t get tempted by low prices as that could mean the workers will be paid less, which will make them less motivated and interested in the work, preventing them from doing their best! High charges do not mean they will be using high-quality products, so it is better to research, check for reviews, and then hire the best service you feel comfortable with!


After you follow all these instructions we have provided you with, you will be left with the best exterior brick painting service in Toronto and positive feedback for us!