What to Choose: HD Makeup or Airbrush Makeup?

While jewellery and the outfit underline a bride’s look on her wedding day, it is the makeup that prominently defines her look. Therefore, even though dazzling jewellery and a breath-taking outfit is an absolute necessity, it is all the more essential to choose the right kind of makeup that a bride will go for on her wedding.

As the cosmetic industry evolves at a rapid pace and penchant shifts, no one in recent times wants to don a cakey, artificial look on their big day. This changing scenario gives rise to the dilemma: Airbrush bridal makeup or HD makeup. Provided both are products of the modern makeup industry and do not involve an artificial and heavy-handed makeup method; it is crucial to know the type that suits you.

What is the difference between HD makeup and Airbrush makeup?

  1. HD makeup

The popularity of HD makeup is somewhat related to the rise of high definition cameras and their subsequent usage in wedding photo-shoots.

Usage of HD cameras markedly captured cakey, heavy-handed makeup that looked artificial in pictures. HD makeup mainly uses high-end cosmetic products and professional makeup artists rely on manual blending and brushing to provide a soft, non-cakey, and flawless look. The material used for HD makeup is infused with a light-diffusing coating which helps in blurring the light when reflected, in pictures.

This diffusing phenomenon manages to deflect or blur the focus from any wrinkles or blemishes on the face sans a hint of artificiality. HD makeup does not feel heavy and blends with the skin perfectly.

One primary benefit of HD makeup over Airbrush makeup is that it is compatible with every skin type. Also, the possibility of HD makeup looking artificial and heavy-handed is lower than in the case of Airbrush technique.

  1. Airbrush makeup

A deviation from cakey, overly artificial, and heavy-handed makeup techniques led to the existence of another makeup technique: Airbrush. Professional makeup artists use an airgun to apply foundation to the bride’s skin.

Makeup artists first pour liquid foundation into its chamber and then spray it all over a bride’s face. The tiny droplets of misty foundation from the airgun merge with the epidermis and connect seamlessly.

Airbrush bridal makeup provides an even and flawless finish to the skin. While it is dominantly used for facial makeup, professional makeup artists also use an airgun to apply eyeshadow, blush, etc.

As the technique does not involve manual blending and sponging of foundation to the face, it is speedier compared to HD makeup. Also, a sprayed foundation can last up to 12 – 24 hours which is not the case with HD makeup.

Nevertheless, none of the aforementioned makeup techniques can be fruitfully achieved without the deftness of a professional and skilled makeup artist. Hence, it is crucial to opt for the top bridal makeup packages in India for a flawless look on your wedding.

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Once you are financially equipped, your only concern would be planning the wedding of your dream and ensuring that you go with the right makeup technique – HD makeup and Airbrush bridal makeup – for the perfect look on your wedding.

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