What to Build With Node.js? 10 Great Ideas to Practice Your Skills

Node.js developers are skilled professionals who can handle complex tasks and requirements and resolve the issues on time. That’s why they are among the best-paid programmers on the market.

But, before you decide this is the best career path for you, let’s see what skills you need to get hired:

  • JavaScript master-level skills
  • Understanding Node.js technology
  • Know some frameworks and extensions
  • Understanding the back-end approach
  • Working with databases
  • Front-end skills (HTML and CSS)
  • Organizational skills
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Cooperative with other developers

Salaries in this field depend on your education, experience, and the skills you represent at your workplace.

Also, you can choose between companies that are ready to hire Node js developers or become a freelancer and offer a specific service. Both approaches have a good and negative side, but we support every choice.

If you are a newbie in this industry and want to start a career as a Node.js developer, you need a lot of practice. You can try building micro apps to see how it goes. As you get experience, you also get a clearer image of what you will do in the future.

For entry-level developers, we have a few suggestions on what to build using this framework. Here are some of them:

1. Custom Chat Apps

Real-time chat apps are great. Node.js is known to be the most appropriate framework to help you build one. Even the most popular chat apps, like Facebook chat, WhatsApp, and Instagram direct messages, are based on Node.js.

It allows you to display the previous messages, and note the time the message was sent, delivered, received, and read.

You can use the Event API to implement push notifications, which is the main feature of almost all messaging apps.

IMG Source: Amico Hoops

2. Portfolio Website or App

This is a great way to practice not just the Node.js skills but also your knowledge of HTML and CSS. Portfolio websites and apps are known to be simple and lightweight yet functional for those who use them.

Users can manage the information by creating new blocks or editing and deleting older entries.

The CRUD operation is useful in this case. It helps you manage the data, produce the wanted output, secure the database, and create navigation routes.

3. Video Communication Micro Platform

If you are using Zoom or Google Meeting, you may want to try something like that. Node.js lets you create similar platforms you can use with your friends.

This is a challenging project, but practicing your skills and understanding how the app navigation works is more important.

You can run it using a compatible browser to test the features and see what needs to be fixed.

4. Different Kinds of Trackers

Node.js is a bridge between the user and server. Users can access the needed data to track some activity and get reports of it.

This is an interesting project focused on both the server and user sides.

Almost every node js freelancer can find project requests for a tracker because people today want to track everything. Recently, many COVID-19 trackers were developed by syncing the official data and representing it concisely and understandably.

5. Game Library

This is a great way to check if you understand the basics of Node.js and general programming rules. First, you must provide a real-time connection between server and client and then implement an aggregator that collects games from different resources.

Additionally, you can put some makeup using CSS to make the app appear richer.

You can use the same concept to collect ebooks, news websites, eStore collections, etc.

6. Single-Page Apps

Single-page apps aren’t necessarily simple. They can be pretty complex, but Node.js can handle them nicely and smoothly.

Twitter is one of the best examples of a single-page desktop app to include many functionalities and features. Use that example to get inspired for your new app. Also, email platforms are based on this principle.

It’s a great way to practice your skills, so you can become an experienced in-house or freelance node js developer.

IMG Source: Twin Synergy

7. Workspace App

Working remotely, the need for real-time workspaces is growing every day. Many collaboration platforms like Trello and Microsoft Teams are built using Node.js. Also, Slack uses some Node.js technologies to work properly as a web app.

Workspace apps usually include real-time chats, messaging, push notifications, and video conferences. So, this can be a challenge even for experienced Node.js developers. But, it’s a good start to get used to the tools and libraries and test how everything works.

8. Interactive To-Do Lists

Busy people will always need a functional to-do list app, so why not try to build it alone? It’s a simple way to understand the concepts of Node.js.

At the same time, you can practice your CSS skills to make it look nice and neat. Implement checkboxes and priority lists, and stylize them with different fonts, animations, and colors.

9. NLP Apps

NLP is short for Natural Language Processing. Luckily, Node.js has a general utility named NLP.js. It recognizes about 40 languages.

Your NLP app can convert voice to text or process the data to build a knowledge base.

It’s not quite functional for everyday use, but you can practice the idea and integrate it with some of the apps you will build later in your career.

10. Reminder Apps

We all need reminders for everything. You can create an app to remind you of every upcoming event you enter. As you develop it, you can sync the app with your phone calendar or with the previously mentioned to-do app.

The purpose is to remind the user to send some email, pay the bills, go grocery shopping, call a friend, etc.

Final Words

Node.js can boost your creativity, even as you learn it. Surely, when you build separate micro apps, you gain enough experience. Later, you will figure out how to sync or merge them into one bigger and more functional solution.

Node.js developers are creative problem-solvers, especially full-stack developers.

So, why not try becoming one yourself? We promise you will have great career options in the future.