What to Anticipate During Your Well-Women Exam

When you go for your well-woman exam, you will go through the standard physical exam procedure, which includes taking your weight, pulse, and blood pressure. Your clinician may also request a urine sample. Following that, you will be handed a paper gown and left alone in the examination room to undress and put on the gown. Unlike previous occasions when you may have worn a paper hospital gown, this time, the opening is in the front so that your doctor can do the essential exams. When your clinician returns to the room, they will begin the examinations. Here is what to expect from each  well woman exam Dallas procedure:

1.      Pelvic examination

Your physician will put on gloves and lubricate two gloves before inserting them into your vaginal canal to undertake a short assessment. They will push your abdomen to look for odd lumps or discomfort. Expect pressure to be applied to the center and sides of your abdomen, and don’t hesitate to speak out if you experience pain or sensitivity during the exam.

2.      The Pap smear

This is one of the more complex examinations, but it is a typical operation, so there is no cause to be concerned. Your specialist will place a lubricated speculum into your vaginal canal to inspect the interior of your vulva, vagina, and cervix during the pap smear. They will use a cotton swab to clean your cervix and send it to a lab to check for cervical cancer symptoms and verify your cervix is healthy.

3.      Breast examination

You may be asked to elevate one arm behind your head during your breast exam so your doctor can conveniently inspect each breast. The exam should be painless since your doctor will softly massage each breast in short, circular strokes. They will search for any unusual tumors or cysts. Breast examinations can detect the early stages of breast cancer. While not all lumps are malignant, detecting them early will help minimize the risk and inform your doctor about what to look for. If any lumps are discovered during the exam, your doctor will schedule a biopsy to assess whether or not they are malignant.

A well-woman exam procedure is one of the most necessary preventative actions that women of all ages can do. If you are still unclear about needing the check-up, contact your clinic and speak with a health care practitioner. Remember to ask lots of questions during your test. Asking questions and expressing concerns helps your doctor understand what is essential to you and what you should be screened for. Their purpose is to help you manage your general health, so don’t be reluctant to bring up any medical concerns you may have.

Having your first well-woman exam may be a frightening experience, especially if you don’t know what to anticipate. Never be hesitant to ask your provider for clarification, and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to feel at ease. Call JAM Wellness Clinics to schedule your appointment today to learn more about well-woman exam procedures.