What To And What Not To Wear To An Indian Wedding

As they say, marriages are made in heaven. Weddings are memorable and have to be turned into something special. Weddings happen worldwide, but Indian weddings have their aura and charm.

Indian weddings are different and special in so many ways. In India, every culture has its unique wedding, influencing their clothing style, food and many more things. Today, we will tell you all about Indian weddings, specifically Clothing. Traditional wears are essential and have their comfort, let’s get started. 

About Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are vibrant, culturally rich, full of celebrations, traditions and emotions. It is perfect harmony, spiritual, emotional, and traditional union of two people and their families. 

It is the perfect scenario of two families coming together through many prayers and celebrations. Rituals are excellent, and the energy of the Indian wedding can be seen in the celebrations.  

What To Wear In An Indian Wedding

If you go to an Indian wedding, you should ideally pick your clothes because they can make or break your style. Here, we will tell you some items of clothing that you can wear to an Indian wedding. 

1) Bandhgala

This Jodhpuri formal suit can be a men’s best choice for an Indian wedding. It is generally regarded as a traditional wear for men, and many men in India usually wear this. A Bandhgala can give you a perfect suave gentleman look. 

2) Sherwani 

It is the perfect item to wear to an Indian wedding. Sherwani has many different types and a lot of variety, so it is easy to pick out your favourite one. This dress gives you the perfect look that one expects at the wedding.

3) Traditional Kurta 

It is a loose collarless shirt that is worn mainly in South Asia. Kurtas are the best item of clothing that gives men a comfortable yet classy look at weddings, and these clothes go best with plain white pants.

What Not To Wear In An Indian Wedding 

Some clothing items don’t go with an Indian wedding. The clothes that you can’t wear to an Indian Wedding are given below.

1) Casual Clothes

Never put on casual clothes like trousers and t-shirts to an Indian wedding. It gives a person a distasteful and different vibe, which doesn’t match an Indian wedding.

2) Don’t overdo yourself

If you are going to a wedding, simply don’t overdo yourself. It is the biggest day of the bride and groom, and all the limelight should be on them, but don’t let that keep you from being fashionable and classy.

In this article, we have told you about Indian weddings. We have also told you what you should wear and what you should not wear to an Indian wedding. Dapper Menswear is the perfect spot if you want to find out more.