Nowadays people are migrating to different countries for a better lifestyle and America is one of the top countries that welcome a large number of migrants. This state offers plenty of careers and educational opportunities. Some states even offer low costs of living and housing that makes the best place to live. Want to know which states are welcoming a new population in 2021? Just go through the below-given article.


Utah holds the number 1 rank in terms of economic growth and thus, is welcoming young and new populations to contribute their bits to the economy. The growth rate of jobs is 2.5%. The top rated state to state movers in the network of Pricing Van Lines claim that Utah is emerging as an attractive state with affordable living costs, low crime rates, low cost of housing, and mesmerizing landscape. The states hold 4th position in the category of population growth rate and the net migration rate is 0.8%. Utah is home to world-class schools and universities. 


Here property tax rate is too low to own your house or establish your business. Despite agriculture being the largest contributor to the economy of Montana, the state’s high-tech sector is also growing at a faster rate. The rate of growth of the young pool here is about 3.18%. People want to move to Montana to improve their standard of living as Montana holds the 7th position in terms of economic growth. Outdoor recreation in Montana has led to the emergence of the tourism industry which provides attractive job opportunities to immigrants. 


The growth rate of Arizona’s young population is 2.89% and it is ranked four in terms of growth due to its outlandishly strong economy. Arizona has always welcomed technology startups and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Great job opportunities and low cost of living go hand in hand. Arizona is a that state which offers plenty of job opportunities with low housing and living costs. Being called as ‘Valley of the Sun’, Arizona has incredibly nice weather. 


Vermont is world-famous for its agricultural roots, top-tiered schools and universities, low crime rate, and blooming small business economy. This state offers one high quality of life. With a small population, this state welcomes a new population to grab the ample opportunities fostered for individuals and businesses. Here the growth rate of the young population is about 2.91% and the migration rate is 0.1%.


Colorado is the second-fastest-growing state in America and in recent years this state has seen a massive spike in the new population bringing migration rate at 1.3%. This Centennial state is experiencing a steady boost in the GDP (gross domestic product) and the fitness of the individual here is considered as the most vital cultural aspect. The growth rate of jobs in Colorado is the strongest and most consistent as compared to the whole nation. 


Washington is known as The Evergreen State of America. The state’s thriving economy attracts professionals to chase down great career opportunities. The Silicon Valley of Washington has been the trailblazer for all the tech and innovation. Here the growth rate of the young population is 2.16% and the state has been ranked number 2 in terms of growth with the rate of migration being 1.0%.


Iowa is ranked as 7 for the employment category in comparison to the whole nation. The education system here is the best with a 99% literacy rate and 90% graduation rate. The biggest advantage of living in Iowa is that the low living cost (10% lower than the other cities in America). You can own a house at low rates. With the current young population growth rate being 1.93%, Iowa is welcoming immigrants to live here.

New Hampshire:

This state has the best prices in Northeast USA due to no sales tax. Portsmouth in New Hampshire is positioned among the 50 flourishing markets to find the right job and also, the employment rate is low as compared to 372 metropolitan areas in America. The net migration rate in New Hampshire is about 0.4% which is double the national average (0.2%). This state is considered the third healthiest state in the whole nation and the current young population growth rate here is 1.90%.


Nebraska is considered as one of the top ten most affordable states in America and the unemployment rate here is the lowest in the entire country. The cost of living and healthcare is much below the national average. It is a fantastic state to move in for the people who are looking for jobs. The establishment of five Fortune 500 companies has provided great job opportunities for the new population. The current young population growth rate here is 1.79%.

Bottom Line

Whether you are chasing a dream job or a top-rated educational course, the above-listed states in the USA remain one of the popular destinations for immigrants and these states are also welcoming new people with open arms. Moving to these states will change your life for good.