What Skills To Check Before Hiring Dedicated Developers?

With the rapid growth of technology, it is significant to have a presence on the web and mobile apps. If you have a business venture, the apps can be a blessing. 

Native web/mobile app development for your business can boost your online presence and increase revenue. It has the potential to expand your business to the next level.  

During the most recent quarter, the total value of universal consumers spent on mobile apps was 33 bn U.S. dollars. – according to Statista.

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App development is not as easy as ABC. But, when you hire dedicated developers, they can aid achieve your business objective by delivering fully-featured apps.  

Investing in a skilled developer who can help you through the entire app development process and is eager to focus on your feedback is something you can not compromise. 

Here, we will explore skills to look for while hiring dedicated developers. So, let’s get going. 

Hire Dedicated Developers: Non-negotiable Skills

|1. JavaScript Development Skills 

Even though JavaScript is being used for decades now, its importance stays the same as earlier. Almost every website leverages JS in different ways. 

JS is a mixture of different frameworks and thus provides various development capabilities. 

Frameworks such as React and Angular are widely adopted for intuitive front-end programming. Likewise, Node.js is the most preferred framework for server-side development.

According to their unique needs, any organisation requires a JS expert in their dedicated developers’ team. You can also hire more than one JS developer skilled in a specific framework. 

|2. HTML and CSS Development Skills 

HTML and CSS are the basics of each website. Your hired dedicated developer’s team must have comprehensive  HTML and CSS programming knowledge. 

HTML is used to provide a web page structure with tags, and CSS defines the format of those tags. CSS controls the content appearance of a website on different devices.

No matter how many technologies keep emerging in the market, HTML and CSS will never go out of trend to identify the web page style and structure. 

Thus, enterprises hiring dedicated developers should look for HTML and CSS skills. 

|3. R Programming Language 

R is an object-oriented programming language used to build different apps in Data Science and help to perform Data analysis tasks seamlessly. It is also used for statistical programming and number graphical representation. 

The language gets support from a comprehensive graphic library that helps to design interactive and informative experiences. If an enterprise wants to leverage data mining and analysis must hire dedicated developers with a specialisation in R language.  

There is an increased lack of developers skilled in the R language. That is the reason businesses with zero experience in hiring developers can struggle to determine the right talent. 

Additionally, businesses need to be all set for the demand for a higher salary from the R language expert.  

|4. Python 

Python is a programming language introduced in 1991 to work with today’s advanced technologies. Big brands like Netflix, Spotify, Intel, Facebook, etc., use Python. 

Python is also widely accepted because of its easy coding along with wide-ranging libraries and frameworks. You can develop a variety of apps quickly with Python.  

AI-enabled apps, websites, and data science apps use Python for a remarkable experience. So check out Python skills before hiring dedicated developers. 

|5. PHP 

PHP is the first server-side programming language. It is still used by several developers because of its speed, versatility, and security compared to other scripting languages. That is why big names such as Wikipedia and Facebook are leveraging it. 

Businesses looking for website and app building will need at least one PHP expert in their hired team of dedicated developers. 

PHP is one of the simple programming languages to learn, and there are many developers in the market with a thorough knowledge of PHP. So it is easy to find the best developer based on your business requirements.   

|6. Kotlin 

Kotin is a programming language used to develop cross-platform/hybrid apps and is also one of the most preferred choices for building Android apps. 

One of the leading reasons for Kotlin’s extensive reputation is that it facilitates highly efficient development. It operates with 20% less code compared to Java as well as being fully interoperable.

Enterprises planning to grow their customer reach with Android or Cross-platform apps should consider Kotlin. Also, look for Kotlin skills while hiring a dedicated developers team for your project. 

In a Nutshell 

Since the app development market has expanded extensively in the last few decades, there is no shortage of app developers. No matter what services you are looking for, you have an option to hire a developer to provide you with everything according to your unique needs.  

However, because of the vast pool of developers available, it is challenging to know what exactly to check out while hiring one. This post will help you to hire them for your app development project. 

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