How to Figure Out What Size TV You Should Buy

Ther are various types of sizes on a TV and what you want this is you have to figure out. Ther are many other situations rather than a TV size that you have to see first before buying a TV.

You should see the structure of the room that where you have to place it after that you should how much the distance should between the TV and you. You should also consider whether you have to mount it on the wall or you just have to make it stand on a table.

These are the things that will determine the ideal screen size that will come into your room. But if you have a budget that is very less than the ideal screen you are considering buying, there are no worries you can buy a TV withing your budget as well but you have to take this thing out from your mind that bigger is not always better.

Its all about striking your perfect balance and taking a TV that is better and fits your budget and has a comfortable size that you and your family member love to have.

There are many things that will help you figure out what size of TV you should buy so we will jump right to the point.

1. Will it fit in your TV room? 

Photo: Maskot / Getty Images

When you decide to buy a TV you should first consider its size and for that, you should measure the size of the place where you have to keep it. Measure the depth, height, wide and then go to buy the TV.

When you are buying make sure to check all the measurements that you have taken where you have to [ut the TV but do not take measurement of the screen take the measurement of the body because many TV have the same screen but different sizes of the body so check the dimensions of the body so you can by the right dimension size TV.

2. How wide is the stand

When you first buying a TV or you are planning to buy a TV always make sure to see its feet. The stand is the most important thing on the TV if you do not want to mount it on the wall.

First, you should consider buying a larger table than the TV that you are buying so it can be easily fitted on the table despite having corners hanging on the border of the table.

Some TVs have their feet far in the corner so for that you should consider taking a long table so it can be easily rested on the table.

If you did not do that we are suggesting you and hanging the TV feet at the border of the table a single wind breath can take out and send the TV to tumble and it can also cause falling so please be careful. 

3. How far away will you be

The sitting arrangements can give you headaches as you want to have an ideal sitting arrangement in front of your TV and an ideal distance between you and the TV.

This will not be a problem after what we will tell you should do in sitting arrangements and for the ideal distance. You should keep a distance of 4 feet for an ideal distance or if you are considering other methods to keep an ideal distancing so you can count the distance between the TV and your sofa in inches and then multiply with 0.84 meters this will definitely be your ideal distancing.

Or the third way it arranges the sofa as you see fit by your own intellects.

4. Size vs Quality

In technology they say, the bigger the size the less quality you will get. It is implied in TVs too as the bigger the size can cause low quality in the picture and can make you pay more in the for that TV. so try to buy small size TVs for a better quality experience.

As you have seen all the things you should consider before buying TVs, if you are considering buying small TVs we present to your best 15 inch TVs.