What size of weighted blankets should you get for yourself?

If you suffer from pains or disorders, you must have looked for ways to treat or relieve yourself. During your search, you may discover that sleeping is a key solution. If sleeping is one of the many solutions, then you need to be cognizant of the things that contribute to sleep. These things include the bed, bed sheets, pillow, and blanket. A blanket is important, as you know, but you need to choose the right type for it helps in improving a healthy body.

You see, one of the best blankets to choose is a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are heavy and they make sleeping easy and comfortable. Hence, you may be forced to ask yourself “what size weighted blanket should I get?” First, consider your weight. Your weight is a determinant of the size of your weighted blanket. That means the size of an adult is not the same for a child.

So while you’re wondering what size weighted blanket should I get, stand on a scale. Once you know your weight, you’re ready to choose the perfect size. Choose a weighted blanket that’s 10 percent of your weight. That means if your weight is 250 pounds, you’ll go for a 25 pounds weighted blanket. This is no doubt a hassle-free way to choose your weighted blanket. With the right type, you need not ask what size weighted blanket should I get anymore. Enjoy your sleep and get healthier.

The Perfect bedding for your kids

Are you a parent? How do your kids sleep? And what are their beddings like? As a parent, you want to ensure that your kids have an adequate amount of sleep as it makes them do better in day-to-day activities. When they sleep at the right time with the proper beddings, you can be sure that it will impact them positively. So start paying attention to where they sleep and what they sleep on. Tencel mattress protector is especially suitable for kids. So as a parent, consider getting it.

Tencel fabric is made by using manufactured fibers. In order words, cellulose fibers from eucalyptus tree plants are dissolved using non-toxic chemicals and then used to make woven fabrics. But, what’s the big deal with Tencel? The exceptional qualities of Tencel combine strong, soft, and smooth giving you a great experience. Tencel is also used to make bed sheets and mattress protectors.

As mentioned earlier, if you need to choose a mattress protector for your kid, Tencel is an ideal choice.

●     Tencel mattress protector is ideal in terms of hygiene and resistance to water. Kids will be kids. So prepare for the worst. Also, since Tencel holds no bacteria, no bed insects will disturb the kids.

●     Tencel mattress protector gives those little cuties a comfortable feeling. It regulates temperature and makes it easy for them to fall asleep. Once the bed is covered with a Tencel mattress protector, you only need to do little to make the kids fall asleep.