What should you Look for in a Handbag Light

Handbag lights are one of those ingenious innovations that make you wonder “Why hasn’t this been around for years?” Simple, effective, and long-lasting, a good handbag or purse light can save you a lot of time, stress, and effort for years to come.

What exactly does a good handbag light look like? Even though they are simple devices, purse lights come in various types and designs, some much more intricate and multi-functional than others.

Below are the 8 main characteristics you should look for in a handbag light, depending on what exactly you need it for:

1. Long battery life

One of the main things you should look for in your bag, tote, or purse’s lighting is long battery life. Just as it’s annoying to constantly have to change your home’s light bulbs, it’s very frustrating to constantly replace the batteries in your purse light. A good battery should last at least 1,000 minutes or several thousand on/off cycles. Anything less than that would be a waste of money even if it’s relatively affordable.

2. Easy on and off

The goal of having a mini-flashlight in your purse is convenience. If the device is difficult to turn on, it has lost its purpose. Also, you don’t want it to be complicated to turn it off once your finished with it either. A good bag light should either turn on automatically when you open your purse or it should be easy to locate and switch on. As for turning it off, most good lights have a timer that shuts them off after a while to preserve their batteries.

3. Nice illumination

Illumination is a tricky thing to balance. If the light is too dim it won’t work well enough. However, if it’s too bright it will be unpleasant to use and may hurt your eyes. Lighting of 8-10 lumens is usually the perfect middle ground but that also depends on the size of your handbag.

4. Multi-functionality

The main purpose of a handbag light is obvious but it can also be used for various other things as well. They can help you sift through your wallet, find the keyhole on a door, or find something on the floor. For all this to work, however, the light has to be detachable from your purse and easy to handle.

5. Cool design

Naturally, an ugly mini-flashlight is not something you’d want to carry in your handbag. So, whatever design you choose to go for, it should look well with your purse and your outfit.

6. Warranty

Most purse lights don’t come with any warranty but a warranty of at least a year can be excellent quality assurance.

7. Quality and durability

Speaking of quality, whatever you purchase has to last long, be durable against impact and knocks, and be guaranteed not to malfunction on its own. Look for purse and handbag lights that are highly reviewed and recommended by others.

8. Practical battery-change mechanism

Changing the batteries of a device so small can be tricky sometimes. So, it’s important that the light you choose is easy to operate in that regard as well. Make sure the batteries it uses are easy to come by, or look for one that is rechargeable.