What should you get at the pub if you don’t drink alcohol?

The humble pint is the perfect end to any day and the perfect start to any weekend for many people. Yet for those that aren’t interested in an alcoholic beverage, what choices are there when standing at the bar, craning to see the bottles lined up behind. According to Soberlink, there are many reasons that people choose to avoid alcohol. From pregnancy to religion, or simply because they’re the one in charge of the car keys for the night. And with 6.5 million people signing up to the challenge of Dry January this year, a whole new market is developing for alternative drinks down the local. There are many pubs out there like Gigi’s Hoxton that sell non-alcoholic drinks. So what are the options?

1. Fizzy drinks

Sugary and carbonated, fizzy drinks have long been a staple of any beverage serving establishment. Most pubs, however, offer a limited number of options compared to what you might find in a local supermarket. Beyond the classic Pepsi and Coke, you might be lucky and get a lemonade. Establishments that serve food often offer a more comprehensive array, including Fanta and maybe even an elderflower cordial. 

2. Fruit juice

Like fizzy drinks fruit juices often only come in a few varieties in pubs, most often orange, apple, and occasionally cranberry. The rise in popularity of J2Os has increased the range to include popular flavours such as apple and mango, and orange and passion fruit. If you prefer some a little more exciting, you can use these drinks to create concoction such as cranberry, lime and soda water, orange and lemonade or apple and elderflower.    

3. Tonic water

Tonic water has risen in fashionability in the last few years, with many upmarket establishments offering more than one brand. If you have a taste for this flavourful drink you have the option to take it neat, but for those who want more choice or to dilute the intensity of the tonic you can easily add a fruit juice of your choice to make it more flavourful and enjoyable.  

4. Cordials and squashes

Often reserved for the children’s menus, cordials and squashes can be a good option for a non-drinker, not least because they are usually relatively cheap compared to other drinks. Typical flavours include orange, blackcurrant and lime. If you want to disguise your drink as something a little more adult, you can always request a slice of lime, orange or lemon, to add an extra kick.  

5. Non-alcoholic gin

One relatively recent trend has been the rise in non-alcoholic gins. These botanical concoctions can be drunk in a similar manner to alcoholic gin, mixed with your favourite tonic or added to coke. If you want to go all out, you can even request a gin mocktail. Whilst few traditional pubs go in for the mocktails; some more bistro pubs do include a couple for non-drinkers.  

6. Non-alcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer has had a bad reputation over the years. Recently, more significant investment by brewers has led to some more palatable choices, such as Adnams Ghost Ship or Heineken 0.0%.  

Whilst a nice glass of wine or a tall glass of ale might be the drinks which pubs have built their names on; there’s undoubtedly more to sitting on a barstool, chatting with the locals, than these traditional choices.  


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