What should to do if any business courier parcel is marked as deliver but one do not receive it?

If your package or business courier pracel is marked as delivered but you did not receive it, here are some steps you can take: Check the tracking information: Verify the delivery address listed on the tracking information matches your address. Every courier has provided this option to track the parcel. Like J&T is a company belongs to Indonesia and their lacak paket jnt is providing whole data access to sender and receiver. From this, anyone can track the delivery time to see if you were home or if anyone else received the package on your behalf.

Look around your property: Sometimes couriers leave parcels in less conspicuous places, such as behind bushes or under a porch. Check around your business premises to see if the parcel was left somewhere else. If you’re in a multi-tenant building, ask your neighbors if they received the parcel by mistake.

Contact the company:

If you cannot locate the parcel, contact the courier company’s customer service to report the issue. Provide them with your tracking number and explain that you did not receive the parcel, even though it was marked as delivered. They may be able to provide additional information or initiate an investigation. The courier company may ask for a detailed description of your business premises, and they may also contact the courier who delivered the parcel to gather additional information.

Contact the sender:

If the courier company is unable to locate the parcel, contact the sender to inform them of the situation. They may be able to provide additional assistance or initiate a refund or replacement. If you are a business that regularly receives packages, you may want to have a designated point of contact for deliveries, so that you can more easily track missing packages.

File a claim:

If the package is lost or stolen, you may be able to file a claim with the carrier for reimbursement. Check the carrier’s website for information on how to file a claim and what documentation may be required.

In conclusion, if a business courier parcel is marked as delivered but you do not receive it, it’s important to take action quickly to increase the chances of locating the parcel. By following these steps, you can work with the courier company and the sender to resolve the issue and ensure that you receive your parcel as soon as possible.