What Should I Pack for a Romantic Weekend?

Whether it’s your first trip together, something as monumental as your honeymoon, or a simple staycation over a holiday weekend, a romantic get-together with your special someone is an exciting occasion. Like any vacation, of course, you’ll find your luggage is a top consideration. Whatever you pack for this trip can make or break this time away. So naturally, you want it to be as enjoyable as possible—and the belongings you bring with you can help make that possible.

Clothes That Inspire Confidence


A few nice outfits are essential for any vacation, but they require a little extra effort when planning a romantic getaway. You want to look good, of course, but you should choose items that you feel good in, too. This doesn’t just refer to that dress that hugs your curves in just the right way or the fabric of your favorite bikini. For instance, are you planning on a bit of intimate alone time during this trip? Make sure to pack the lace underwear and a matching bra that you and your partner love! 

A Little Bit of Luxury


Your clothing isn’t the only piece of your luggage that deserves a bit of luxury. For instance, think about your trip and its itinerary. Where can you make this getaway even more special? Maybe it’s packing supplies for a special picnic at sunset. Or, you might include some champagne or chocolate-covered strawberries for a bit of extra-opulent romance. Whatever the case, be sure to have a little something special in your luggage. Even your destination itself can be romantic. Consider taking a trip to a place on your partner’s bucket list or one that’s meaningful to you as a couple. Whether it’s a Mississippi vacation or a month of European travels, a particular location can mean even more than a trip itself.

Practical Possessions


Sexy lingerie and chic champagne are fun additions to your getaway. But, unfortunately, not all of your packing can be quite as enjoyable. For instance, there are plenty of items you need for a successful trip. Say, for example, you’re taking a plane to your destination. In that case, you’d need to ensure you have any boarding passes, tickets, identification, and other crucial travel documents, as well as your other practical travel must-haves. And, of course, pieces of your vacation wardrobe are plenty helpful, too. After all, you need some everyday wear and an extra pair of underwear in case of emergency. You certainly don’t want to end up going commando during a romantic dinner just because you ran out of clean laundry!

A Thoughtful Touch


With the practical packing out of the way, and once you’ve covered the most crucial elements of romance and luxury, you can turn your efforts to creating something special for your partner. This doesn‘t have to be something extravagant. At its simplest, you could just add a few of their favorite snacks to your pre-trip shopping list! All that matters here is that you’ve taken the time to add a touching twist to your vacation. No matter what that touch is, your significant other will undoubtedly be grateful for the effort and suitcase space you put into this detail. 

When packing your luggage in preparation for a romantic getaway, you must think through each item you include. From the garments you stash in your suitcase to the special attention you give to your partner’s preferences, you can make this special occasion seem even more special with just a bit of effort. Of course, it’s next to impossible to plan for every potential contingency. However, you can certainly be prepared for an awful lot by putting extra effort into your packing endeavors. Then, if you can get your partner involved, too, you may very well have the best romantic weekend you could ask for.