What should I do if I suspect my employer is conducting illegal activity?

Taking steps does become important in such activities if they are sponsored or supported by the boss and if you are threatened, are discriminated against, or being dismissed due to being vocal against it then it’s better you defend your position and take aid from Employment defense attorney San Diego to cover it well at court.

In case sexual terms are going on, you need to take action against such activities and stop your boss from doing them at work, then it’s better to take aid from a sex crime attorney in San Diego who can prove it and can make you stop it.

Before you start to take action against illegal activities supported or arranged by your employer at work, there are a few things to cover and they may generally  include:

●      Level  of illegal activities in the workplace

●      Involvement of staff in such activities

●      Evidence that strongly supports it

●      Method of techniques that adjust it

And these are a few things that do have to be set up before you take larger action to fit in and arrange for legal terms so try to settle in and make sure it gets stopped at the workplace.

Boycott such activities

The first thing to do is that you don’t support such activities, the longer you live under the banner of such a movement, the stronger it gets as there is hardly any pressure on your employer, so it’s integral that you start to deny the presence and start boycotting it so everyone feels protected while at work.

Raise voices at work

In any case, if you see such terms happening close to you, the employer wishes to involve you or seems to ask for your support in such steps moving on in your workplace then it’s time you start to raise your voice, to try to stop your employer and make sure such things are not going to become regular to control it and ask staff to be at your side to dismiss of such illegal terms.

Stand strong as  a group

Once such terms start to expand, it becomes more than essential that you stay strong, coordinate as a group, take larger activity into account and counter it at the workplace and try to make sure that together you should be able to punish or discredit your employer to settle better terms at legal concerns.

However, if physical activities are getting outta hand, it seems that your employer has got wronged due to power, position, and financial status and there is a need to stop it at any cost, then it is better you choose the legal way, to opt for such steps and counter your employer’s strengths so he or she can be punished, can be presented at court and be settled by controlling such activities.

Prove your boss guilty

Lastly if you have decided to go legal, then you would have to prove your employer guilty, evidences has to come in, witnesses who have been suppressed should be ready enough to speak, to not fear the power of employer and also insure that legal proceeding is not interrupted or being dismissed from employer’s side so it becomes a patchy situation to settle at court.


Presence of activities can affect your  job, employers can use power, can even dismiss you and can hamper your situation and if it has happened due to illegal activities then it’s time to go legal and take help from employment law lawyers San Diego to file a case and get your position back.