What Should a Full-Service Car Detailing Include?

Professionals, such as those at Genesis Valeting, will clean your vehicle of dirt and road grime both inside and out, in detail, using sophisticated tools. In addition to having a spotless car, car cleaning will help to maintain the vehicle’s good condition and so increase its resale value. When looking for a detailing service, it might be difficult to locate one that will take care of everything.

Paint Maintenance

The paint on your car is extremely delicate, and most respectable detailing firms will clean, repair, and protect the paint surface in a three-step process. The cleaning process entails washing and drying the car thoroughly to remove any dirt or grime. The clear coat is then cleaned using a clay bar, which eliminates pollutants such as industrial debris, metal particles, grime, and tar. After that, the paint will be polished to eliminate any swirl marks and fine scratches before being waxed to protect the paint and help it shine, if necessary.

Wheels and chassis

Along with the rest of the exterior, your car’s undercarriage and chassis should be cleaned. This encompasses not only the area under the car, but also the area inside the wheel wells and surrounding critical suspension components like anti-roll bars and control arms. Plastic splash guards and inner fender liners should be treated with a plastic protectant, and wheels and tyres should be completely cleaned before being protected against corrosion and cracking.

Exterior Trim, Headlights, and Taillights

Many detailing shops may use a polishing compound on oxidised headlights and taillights, but sealing them with a plastic sealer afterwards is crucial. Chrome trim should be cleaned, and any vinyl or plastic trim should be protected against cracking and fading using a protectant. In addition to cleaning and polishing plastics and rubbers, many detailing services also clean and polish exhaust tips.

Interior Decoration

Cleaning all carpeting and seating surfaces should be included in any interior detailing. Shampooing or utilising a steam cleaner are both options. Furthermore, all plastics and vinyl should be cleaned and treated, and any leather should be conditioned and cleaned. This isn’t restricted to the passenger compartment; many professional detailing firms will clean the trunk as well.

Engine Room

While many detailing firms do not include it in their usual packages, it is a crucial part of car detailing. After lightly misting the engine bay with water, clean it with an appropriate degreaser before rinsing it clean. All silicone, plastic, and rubber components should be properly treated after drying to prevent cracking.

Costs of a Car Detailing Service

Depending on your region, vehicle type, and the level of services given by the company or individual, a regular automobile detailing service should cost between $50 and $150.

Larger cars, such as SUVs and vans, as well as an enhanced package with even more attention to detail, usually cost more. Additional charges may apply for high-quality shampoos and cleaning solutions, the use of specialised equipment, superior waxing, steam cleaning or shampooing of inside carpets, and leather upholstery cleaning. Additional treatments such as engine cleaning, dent removal, and wheel detailing may be beneficial.

How to Pick a Car Detailing Company

When looking for a car detailing business, you have three options: take the word of previous customers, look them up in your local phone book and gamble, or evaluate them online and see if your choice is BBB accredited. When it comes to car detailing, everyone’s needs are different. You’ll want to know if they provide different packages and if their amenities are acceptable. When selecting a car detailing service, keep the following factors in mind.

Features that are desired

You should look about for detailers who can supply you with the features you require in your car detailing, depending on the characteristics you require. If you’re searching for a simple vehicle wash and vacuum, you should focus your search on a provider that offers fewer services. You will find that a company that offers a wide range of services will have higher charges.


Car detailing firms frequently have a special day. Some businesses would pick a sluggish day of the week and provide a discount for specific people, such as Lady’s Day, or a Wednesday special. If you have access to this type of benefit, you may be able to save up to 20%. Car detailing businesses with a lot of extras, such as outstanding buildings or cleaner-looking workers and surroundings, may be more expensive. On the other hand, because they have a lot of business, those places that take better care of their personnel and facilities may be more reasonable than you believe.


Look for reviews of detailing firms in your neighbourhood on the internet. Because of the anonymity of the Internet, people will post their ideas online regardless of whether they are favourable or negative. With the internet at your fingertips, you can quickly obtain the information you require to choose which option will best suit your needs.


Many corporations associate with organisations that confirm their responsibility and dependability. The Better Business Bureau, for example, is a credible source of information about car detailing providers. Those that are trustworthy will join these organisations in order to publicise and validate their products and services through their services.

Considerations in General

You can locate the ideal automobile detailing service no matter what your preferences are. If you plan to use the same company for many services, you may be eligible for a frequent-flier discount. Some automobile detailing firms offer discounts, coupons, and offers to loyal customers, such as oil changes or fluid checks on a regular basis. Service is crucial, and the benefits provided by your chosen auto detailing shop may be the deciding factor in your decision. Ask the management if there are any discounts for repeat clients. Perhaps you’ll be pleasantly pleased.

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