What Kind Of Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

From denim to suede to your everyday seamed pantsuits, flared pants are in. They are so typical of the fashion of the 1970s that we would be very sad if they weren’t a big part of the latest trends. These styles are back, and they’re back in a big way.

The silhouettes look best when the thighs are tighter and the flare starts just below the knee. This makes the length of the legs look more even and makes a person look taller. People can be seen wearing these flared pants on the street, at home, on a date, or while carrying their kids.

In the past, people usually wore flared pants for comfort, so the shoes they wore with them were either flat or had very low platforms. This time, though, we plan to wear our flares with high heels and a haughty attitude, which will make us look grand in every way.

But you should stay away from flats, sneakers, flip-flops, and other similar shoes because they will bunch up the bottom of the pants and make you look too short for the flared pants. It might also look too casual, too young, or just too frumpy.

So, you want to know what shoes to wear with flare jeans.


Whether we’re talking about mules or ankle straps, heels or wedges, shoes that reach low to the ground or high into the sky, platforms are the way to go this year when we’re looking for the best shoes to wear with our flares. It doesn’t matter if they are plain or very fancy, as long as they aren’t flats.

The ’70s style is all about being carefree, so you should choose pieces that make you feel good, but you should always have at least one or two pairs of shoes in this style. The hem of your flared pants should fall straight down, either covering the whole shoe or part of it. Don’t let it bunch up anywhere, and choose a height that does that.

Platform clogs are useful, and sandals are a must for late spring and the whole summer, but you can always wear derby shoes instead.

Block Heels

We noticed that most designers chose to include some kind of block-heeled shoe on the fashion week runways, which is where these babies really made a splash. The stage loved them more the higher they were and the bigger they looked. Flared pants look great with these shoes because they add comfort and length to the legs, making the silhouette stronger as a whole.

In general, they look best with outfits that have a bit more volume, which is why flared pants are the perfect thing to wear with them. Color blocking your block-heeled shoes is another good idea, or you could just get a pair of leather shoes and a second pair in suede to match. You can choose styles like ankle straps and d’Orsay, boot versions, or summer sandals that you can also wear next season.

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In all honesty, pumps are always a good choice. They looked amazing with the skinny cigarette coupes, and they look divine with the flared pants, too. They are probably the most versatile pair of shoes you own, and they still look good on you and make you want to try out new styles.

When you pair flared pants, especially denim ones, with pumps, you get a whole new appreciation for both the styles and the designers who brought them back. It will make you look like the most stylish girl on the street, from head to toe.

Make sure that some of the pointed toes are showing from under the pants, and you’ll have a look that is to die for. You could choose to wear leather pumps or suede with unusual textures, lacey pumps, or patent Mary Janes.

Heeled Sandals

They can have chunky heels or platforms, but they can also be thin as long as they have heels. Sandals are the most popular shoes in the spring and summer, especially in the summer. This means that the shoes with closed toes that go with our flared pants will be put away for the season.

Instead, you can wear heeled sandals with pointier toes to give your look a bit more length and the right amount of jazz and spice to look and feel interesting. Make sure the heel is high enough that your jeans or professional clothes just touch the floor. If the heel is too short, it won’t look good, and if it’s too long, you’ll have to step on it with your heels.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots, which come in velvet, suede, leather, or any other material you want, are one of the cutest shoes you can wear with your beautiful flared pants. It is the best choice if your flares are either too short or almost touching the ground.

The best choices are suede or leather in rich earth tones or with exotic prints that add a unique touch to your everyday outfits. Since we are trying to look like the 1970s this year, you might also choose ankle boots with fringe and studs or leather and suede shoes with animal prints all over.

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