What Seasonings Go with Chicken?

Say goodbye to tasteless chicken by adding a chicken seasoning blend. It is made up of spices and herbs that make you the best cook. Using the right ingredients makes your guests want to savor it all the time and crave more. 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the list of ingredients. The meal is super healthy and yummy.

Preparations for a chicken seasoning

This article will give you great seasoning ideas for your chicken preparation. Mix black pepper, garlic powder, salt, paprika, cumin, chicken bouillon, chili powder, dill, Cinnamon, parsley, and basil. Blend them to mix vigorously. 


Every recipe must have salt. It gives a natural flavor. There are several types of salt; Artisan salt, Chili Lime salt, and Jalapeno salt. It guarantees the appetite and quality of the food.

Besides adding flavor, salt is necessary for our bodies to ensure the acid-base balance, the cells functioning normally, and plasma volume maintenance.

Black pepper

Good cooks don’t miss a black pepper. It plays a significant role in ensuring great taste in preparing chicken. When the peppercorn is ground, they release oils that brings mild heat. However, it is advisable to use peppercorns at all times.

On other occasions, research shows that black pepper will help you regulate cholesterol levels, maintain blood sugar, and maintain one’s brain health.


Thanks to chili powder for providing a smoky flavor and making your chicken aromatic. It’s made up of pulverized and dried Cayenne.

Chili powder helps in body metabolism and also improves cognitive functions.


Cumin is a medium brown color that makes people confuse it with Cinnamon. Cumin comes in two forms; whole and ground cumin.

While preparing chicken, whole cumin is preferred to add more flavor. However, if you need to make dry rubs and saucers, then consider ground cumin.


Cinnamon adds incredible sweetness to your chicken meal. It contains a heavy amount of sugar and is commonly used in deserts. Any recipe that includes Cinnamon has a satisfying candid.

Cinnamon has advantages such as reducing inflammation and offering protection against heart diseases.


There are a thousand reasons why you must include Rosemary in your recipe to prepare the chicken seasoning. It is an herb that has a pine tree’s needle-like structure. It balances the taste of the whole chicken regardless of the number of spices. Rosemary can be used either while dried or fresh.

Research shows that Rosemary contains antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties hence becoming essential to our bodies.


Paprika has a red color that gives the chicken a fantastic look. Moreover, adding enough quantity provides a colorful and sweet meal.

Regarding health benefits, paprika enriches your body with vitamin A and improves your eyes’ health.


If you’re looking forward to adding soup or sauces, dill is the deal. It has a herb deal containing mild flavor. Though it is not commonly used, try it next time while cooking a chicken. I bet you’ll love it incredibly.

Like most herbs, dill has health benefits such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, and dietary fiber, which are crucial for good digestion.

Onion powder

Onions are among the spices making your chicken delicious. However, when it is broken down, it becomes more aromatic while in powder form.

Surprisingly onion powder will prevent infections, treat cough, and manage dietetics.

Chicken bouillon granules

Dried Chicken stock is granulated to make chicken granules. It dissolves in water hence making a colorful, tasty soup.


Parley is among the quality herbs to add to your favorite chicken and has excellent flavor. It is rich in vitamins C, K, and A.


Basil makes your chicken meal tremendous and takes less than to cook. It’s a Thai recipe that is sweet to taste. It contains components that help the body fight against bacterial infections.

NB: Use moderate heat for cooking a lovely, aromatic, delicious chicken meal.


In conclusion, its right to prepare a delicious meal enriched with spices that have health benefits to keep you safe from common diseases.

Additionally, the above recipe will help you manage your weight.

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