What Rights Does a Father Have to See His Child?

Child custody and visitation is a very complicated matter that can be extremely painful for the parties involved. Child custody is almost always decided in the best interest of the child, so the parents need to show what positive steps they have taken to be part of their child’s life. The courts take into consideration the nature and intensity of past interaction with the child, as well as any changes in circumstances that may improve chances for shared parenting.

Rights of a Father

According to family law in Manchester, there are numerous rights of fathers to see their child. One of these rights is the right to spend time with children and to develop a relationship with them.

In some cases, a father has no rights to even see his child especially when there are Child abuse allegations.

A mother can easily have the father removed from his child’s life, and he has no authority or rights over the child at all. If you’re being investigated for child abuse, you need a family law attorney that will help you get your child back.

Let’s discuss your situation and how we can work towards getting you access to the children in your life today.

Supporting Law

Every child has a right to know his or her father. For your reference, the right of a father to see his child is protected by Children Act 1989.

Can a Mother Stop a Father From Seeing a Child?

What if a mother wants to stop a father from seeing his child? Can she do this, legally? What if the father wants to see his child several times a week, but for some reason, the mother is against it? Is there anything the father can do, or should he just give up?

Fathers have the right to see and be a part of the life of their children. Fathers have a legal, moral and ethical right to this involvement. If there is no child abuse case against a father, there is nothing that can stop him to see his child.

Father’s Right to See the Child

A father has a legal right to see his child even after separation or divorce. However, a court can give a mother temporary custody and can under certain circumstances deny a father access to his child.

the father has many options to continue to see his child, however, as with all family law matters, there are no guarantees. One particular example of denied access is when an unsubstantiated allegation of sexual abuse is used as a means to keep the father away from his child. In such a case, the court will look at all aspects of the case.

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What Do You Need to Know?

In England and Wales, the court system can make it very difficult for a father to maintain a relationship with his child. It is often considered that any involvement in decision-making without the physical presence of a father is better than no involvement at all. This is because Judges assume that it is easier for mothers to raise children without assistance from fathers after a separation. However, we recommend hiring a seasoned solicitor who can help you in coming to terms with the court.


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