What Prompts Even the Top Influencers to Buy Instagram Followers?

Where there is money, there is always a way. This might sound too cliché synonym for a capitalist society, but there is no doubt that it is not an overstatement. Money can pave your path to success and buy you fame. And this is the very reason that many people can’t say no to the services that can allow you to buy anything on the social platform!

Money in the social world!

Society was never ideal, to begin with. However, that was expected to change when global platforms like social media brought everyone together on a single platter. The reality no longer fazed people as they couldn’t become whoever they wanted to be. The reel alter ego was fed with the beliefs they wanted to achieve in real life. But who can dismiss the power of money in real life? Slowly but steadily, the social platforms began to reflect what the people had been running away from… a palace of masked grandeur. 

The concept of numbers was one such element that hooked the users. From the number of followers, you have to the number of instagram likes you get per post, everything in the virtual world is weighed against each other to deem the mightiest of all. In short, the numbers are the currency that runs the reel world. 

Why is the number so important?

Well, the numbers might be of no value for you if the platform is simply a means to socialize and watch reels all day long. But the scenario changes once you jump on the brigade of influencers or brands. The numbers hold great prominence as they can dictate the growth pattern of your account.

  1. The number of followers or instagram views indicates the organic audience base that an account has. The more followers you have, the more people like your content, and hence, your account is deemed to be worth promoting according to the platform’s standards. Therefore, the algorithms push your content more than other accounts. This eventually leads you to more audience range whom you can influence.
  2. The numbers mean trust. The more followers you have, the more people are there who put their trust in you. This helps you earn brownie points from someone new to your profile. People often look into the follower number to see whether they can trust the influencer/brands.
  3. They represent your power. The more followers you have, the more people you can influence. This is important, especially for influencers, who aim to collaborate with the brands for promotional activities. The brands look for certain elements before finalizing the partnership. The number of followers and their engagement are some basic aspects they consider so that the influencers can lead to them, potential consumers. 
  4. Numbers also mean credibility. It is unlikely for a dubious account to have a large following list. Though many credible accounts bear the brunt of this, low follower number or unequal proportion in the following-follower ratio are red flags on the platform.  A significant following list reinforces the value of credibility to your account.
  5. Numbers bring you recognition and money. An account with a large follower list often attracts interest that can be directed to fame or remuneration as the account holder wants. It is also great for your business or collaborators who also ride on the back of your success.

Buying services!

This mighty importance of numbers drives people to buy them if they can’t be acquired naturally! This growing prominence of number has led to the setting up of third-party services that allow you to purchase services catering to the social platform. They provide you the option to buy followers, views, likes, and shares for various platforms across the internet. And with the services demanding a nominal fee, you might enjoy the benefits by cutting in the line.  

The road to success is not an easy path! Especially when you have to build a community that trusts in you. Early influencers are witness to the endless wait you have to endure before the algorithm starts to take notice of your content. Buying large numbers of followers or likes helps you reduce the delay period by triggering the algorithms to take note of your content. This efficiently reduces the stagnant period before you taste the success by bringing you closer to the organic audience you were always searching for!

What Prompts Even the Top Influencers to Buy Instagram Followers?

If you believe the buying business is only for beginners, then you are absolutely wrong. Even the top influencers rely on this business from time to time. But what makes them use the service when they are already at the top of their game?

Influencers need to be at the pinnacle of their game. The brands collaborate with an influencer only if they can drive some output from them. The main idea of using an influencer is to achieve a more targeted promotion and gain consumers based on their trust in the influencer. Hence, brands look for influencers with large followers to partner in the promotional activity. At the same time, they can be dropped out when they don’t meet the desired standard. 

This is one of the main reasons that prompt top influencers to buy followers on Instagram. Since they already have an organic base, they are not worried about the engagement. And at the same time, the rise in virtual numbers helps them inflate the perception of power to the brands. The higher the followers, the more the influencers charge for the promotions. 

Why can buying help you improve your appeal?

Buying services have always been reviewed in a negative light. And technically, the platform also does not support the third-party aid used to improve the business. However, the steady rise in the number of service providers only suggests otherwise. However, the truth lies between the two.

Buying followers can for sure help your business. Because they are just numbers, they have the same effect on the outside world whether they are bought or not! So, you can boost your ranking in the algorithms and eventually build an organic community over time. Because, to be discovered among the population of billions, you need the help of the algorithms and luck!

The rise in the followers’ count is only valid for a few days. After that, they lose prominence, as there are millions of other channels with a similar surge. Hence, even if some of the followers are deleted, it does not affect the overall picture. But you’ll have to deal with other consequences that come with it. 

Most prominent among them are the moral angle and pretentiousness. It is easy to identify bought followers since most of them are just bots running the account. Hence, it is not difficult for brands and users to connect the dots. 


Rising ahead on the chart of success is like playing chess. You need to identify what is more important to you and what can be sacrificed. In the end, what matters is if you stand or fall. Using the services at the right time and in the appropriate amount can help you inch forward to the success you always wanted!


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.