What pressure washers do professionals use?

To have an impressive yet impactful cleaning, you need a professional pressure washer. No ordinary pressure washer will do. Meanwhile, the optimal option for you is determined by a combination of factors taken together. Precisely, this set of characteristics is used by professionals for research purposes.

The pressure washer is an extremely effective and practical piece of equipment. If you are interested in getting a professional recommended pressure washer, make sure to read this article till the last to have a better understanding and knowledge about it. 

We will make it easy for you to get what you need, irrespective of the nature of your work, the amount of your budget, or any other requirements you may have. We will take you on this journey of pressure washers, starting with their types, features, and characteristics and ending with a recommendation.

Types of Pressure Washers – Explained in Detail 

Being a pressure washer is one of the simplest yet straightforward tools, and there are two types of pressure washers. These include:

  • Electric pressure washer
  • Gas pressure washer

Electric pressure washer: 

An electric pressure washer is more of a budget-friendly and safer option compared to the other. It uses electricity; besides that, you need to look at the maintenance side of it. Alongside, this one doesn’t use any gas, so there is no gas tank, making it a lightweight device.

Electric washers are handheld and less bulky devices with easy-to-use setups and manuals to operate, making them work well with hot water for cleaning.

Gas pressure washer: 

A gas-powered pressure washer is more for heavy-duty work in industrial areas, businesses, etc. This heavy-duty machine is bulkier and doesn’t feature a handheld structure. They are excellent for cleaning farm machinery, mansions, or large structures.

These are great if you’re a professional cleaner needing a sturdy, effective machine you can count on. You can use them frequently without worrying about damaging the pump or engine because they are constructed in such a way.

Choosing a Professional Pressure Washer – A Guideline 

If you are looking for a professional pressure washer, you must know about all the features that professionals look for in making a decision. Because they use the same brands that a beginner is using, but they inspect and analyze a product from a different eye, and we are here to guide you in that. Below are the features that professionals look for:

Portability of washer:

Having a portable device is the first thing you must consider because if you fail, there is no place for the performance. If you are using a pressure washer for a long time or somehow the pressure is stuck because of an electricity shortage, a low-quality device will not be able to withstand it.

But a portable device will withstand and will long you for years. Meanwhile, you will not have to worry about rusting or corrosion of your machine.

Weight of washer: 

A portable yet lightweight machine is what will save you money and will last you about 10 – 15 years. A small, portable, lightweight machine will be easy to handle, and you will not need any external help. You can thoroughly clean your garages, furniture, etc., without difficulty.

How to find a machine like this is the question that usually comes to mind! For that, one must go for all the enlisted features mentioned by the manufacturers and then read all the reviews that talk specifically about portability and how people are handling it.

Performance of washer: 

The performance of a machine is based on the CFM. When discussing the effectiveness of a machine’s rinsing function, this term describes the water’s movement from the machine’s unit to the nozzle. The more GPM a pressure washer has, the faster it can get rid of dirt.

The nozzle of the washer: 

Lastly, for a pressure washer, the size of the nozzle through which the pressure/water flows matter the most. The greater will be the size, the less pressure it will generate. They usually come in 4 or 5 holes, so you better go for a smaller one if you want direct high-pressure flow.

Final words: 

There is no doubt that a pressure washer is an outstanding tool if you love cleaning and want to save up your time; at the same time, if you are planning to run a business of decent quality, a professional standard pressure washer will take you through places.

Above, we have discussed all the features you must consider if you want to know what pressure washers professionals use. If you still want me to recommend one, then DeWalt pressure washers are the best to go with!