What pedestrians are most at risk for personal injury?

The dangers of high-speed traffic are especially dangerous for pedestrians. Unless you’re walking very slowly, it’s easy to drift into the path of a car. Even large vehicles can bludgeon pedestrians with the force of passing. Even if you don’t make contact, you can still suffer injuries. That’s why pedestrians must be vigilant about their surroundings to protect themselves from personal injuries and accidents. If you do sustain an injury in an accident, contact Dozier Law Firm to hire an experienced attorney.

Although accidents involving pedestrians are common, some demographics are at higher risk. For instance, males are more likely to be involved in a fatal non-occupant collision than females. Older people tend to sustain more severe injuries and often require medical treatment.

A number of other demographic factors contribute to the dangers for pedestrians. Impaired pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to injury, as their movements and judgment are often affected by substance use. However, even if these individuals don’t drive, they are still susceptible to accidents. This means that they make sudden moves into the road, and they’re less attentive to traffic laws. In fact, they are three times more likely to suffer a personal injury than other pedestrians.

The elderly make up nearly 20 percent of pedestrian accidents in the U.S., and almost half of all pedestrian fatalities. The number of pedestrian deaths is also higher for seniors than for younger people. And despite the fact that many pedestrian deaths occur at night and in urban areas, these pedestrians are still more vulnerable than others to injury and death. It’s important to be vigilant and take steps to avoid being a pedestrian.

Statistics regarding pedestrian safety show that those walking in high-speed intersections are at five times more likely to be killed than pedestrians on streets with speed limits under thirty miles per hour. Bicyclists are similarly more likely to suffer a head injury than pedestrians. Bicyclists, on the other hand, can benefit from protective headgear. Helmets can reduce the risk of death.

Pedestrian accidents happen most often at night, when vehicles are less likely to see pedestrians. This is because pedestrians are often dressed in dark clothing, and vehicles cannot see them in low-light conditions. Furthermore, many pedestrians don’t take the necessary precautions to make themselves more visible. This is the case during nighttime, when drunk drivers are most active. In the evening, pedestrians are also more likely to be intoxicated, making it more difficult for them to see cars.

Children are among the most vulnerable pedestrians to injury because they are smaller and less visible than adults. When walking, they often exit the street between two vehicles. Oncoming drivers may not notice the child until they have crossed the street. In addition, younger males and teens are more likely to take risks while walking, which means that their insurance costs are higher. 

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