What Options You can Save For Dental Braces and More?

Braces are not just for children and adolescents. In orthodontics, dental appliances are also used in adults. Some models are almost invisible. Be it the Invisible dental braces in Kolkata or any other product, you can have it all perfectly.

Correction of Tooth Alignment in Adults

More and more adults are turning to orthodontics to correct incorrect positioning of their teeth and no longer be ashamed of their smile. Let’s not forget that correcting teeth also significantly improves dental health, as well as the function of teeth. Adults now represent a quarter of orthodontic patients. Thanks to the new techniques, some proposed solutions are more comfortable than others, because they take up less space. They are also less visible. The two types of orthotics offered to adults by orthodontists are the dental appliance and the splint.

Braces: For Optimum Control of the Teeth

Traditional braces are a dental realignment device that consists of wires and metal. It is therefore visible and sometimes a source of discomfort. It can be the cause of short-lived inflammation of the gums, but also makes it difficult to clean teeth because it cannot be removed when brushing. Regular adjustments are made by the orthodontist. The processing time is relatively long before getting good results. However, traditional braces can be more effective than aligners because they allow greater control of the dentition, regardless of the shape of the tooth and its direction. Choosing the Best dental clinic in Kolkata now gets easier with the right deal.

Tooth Splint: The Almost Invisible Solution

Improved alignment of the teeth can be achieved through the splint. It is a transparent and removable device, which does not require wire and is metal-free. This almost completely invisible solution is also very comfortable. The patient can remove their aligner themselves at any time to perform daily oral care or take their meals. Compared to treatment with metal braces (dental appliances), the splint allows the desired result to be achieved much faster. However, it has its limits: it is not suitable for patients whose teeth require significant realignment. You can have the right Cost of dental implant in Kolkata also.

Duration: How Long To Wear It?

The time it takes to realign teeth depends on many factors: the type of appliance and the complexity of the problems. In faster cases, it’s 6 months, but treatments can last up to 24 or 30 months. Once finalized, it is of course necessary to consolidate the result, because the teeth move again. It is therefore necessary to put in place a retention gutter, which is worn at night, or a retention wire: this is a metal wire placed on the lingual surface of the teeth. This is kept permanently and allows the alignment to be maintained over time.