What Makes You a Good Leader?

Everyone can become a leader but not everyone can be a great leader. In a work environment, be it your own business or if you are working in a corporate, you will have to face a lot of different kinds of situations and deal with them intelligently. A good leader always strives towards achieving success for his team.

People have different mindsets and personalities and that is why everyone handles things differently but there are a few certain personality traits which if a person can develop, he/she can be a good leader.

Honesty and Integrity

The number one personality trait to be a good leader is honesty and fairness. If working in a team, it’s important for you to be straightforward and sincere. A good leader’s personality reflects on the company and employees, if you will be honest, your employees will have a great example in front of them and they will follow the same traits. You should always be morally upright and take the decisions intelligently and ethically.

Ability to Delegate

One of the leadership qualities that define a brilliant leader is his ability to delegate. In order to lead your team towards success, always believe in them. A good leader knows that his team members can do more than just completing tasks, he should choose suitably which tasks should be given to whom and how to lift their confidence. This way the members would be confident that they are being selected for any particular task and they will feel appreciated and honored.

Appreciation and motivation are very important for your employees to work more and more passionately towards the company’s goals.

Communication and Confidence

Another personality trait to be a good leader is to be confident. Without you being confident in your decisions, your team members will start to lose hope too and this kind of attitude and atmosphere can result in failure and despair. By staying calm and confident during stressful days, the team would not worry as they put their faith in you.

Then communication with your team is the key. Make yourself clear and give your team members the chance to share their ideas with you as well. There can be a lot of problems as well if proper communication is not being done with each other in the team.


Positive Attitude and Empathy

For your team to move forward in order to achieve goals and mission, you keeping a positive attitude is significant. There can be exhausting situations when the future of your brand can be cloudy or the monthly sales are decreasing, you should remain calm, positive and keep moving forward. Other than this, your team members can also face difficulties in fulfilling any certain tasks for different reasons, personal or public. It is your responsibility to talk to them, understand them, maybe go out, have a coffee or just offer them an occasional beer while you give them some advice.

Keep your team’s energy levels up and keep the office environment fine, a balance between productivity and friendliness


Now sometimes the work becomes monotonous and tedious and because of that the team members will work in a similar manner and give the same kind of ideas. It should be you who should think outside the box and give the answers and solutions to your team.

Another thing that you should do is, gather the team and brainstorm ideas so they get the idea of how to generate more ideas and they would feel respected and wanted which can make them work even more passionately.


Enthusiasm for work can bring frequent successes. A good leader is always enthusiastic about the tasks that he has to fulfil. People tend to be responsive and open to a person who is passionate and dedicated. A good leader should be a source of inspiration for his team members who can look up to them when they need motivation.

These are some traits that are found in great leaders. You can also hire a leadership advisory firm to hone your leadership and interpersonal skills.